Guantanamo trials rigged

Some leaked emails from military lawyers suggest that the trials of Guantanamo are rigged. Color me unsurprised. I don’t doubt there are dangerous people detained there, but the Bush administration is too lazy and unethical to bother with sorting the good eggs from the bad, to bother with anything more than the most banal lipservice to concepts like truth and justice.

Betcha the leakers of these emails will be identified and prosecuted more swiftly and thoroughly than anyone attached to the Plame leaks.

no, this is the tenth planet!

I’d been skipping the new stories about the newly announced tenth planet, thinking that it was just growing hype about 2003 EL61/ K40506A. The story i read suggested that it could be larger than Pluto when properly described, but it seemed everyone decided it was larger just because it made a better story.

Nope! Meet 2003 UB313!

The only reason why the announcement of 2003 UB313 has been rushed is because 2003 EL61/ K40506A was another object that the discoverer of 2003 UB313 had observed. He was forced to tip his hand because hackers allegedly accumulated his data, and were going to spill the beans on 2003 UB313 before he was.

There’s actually a third Kuiper belt object in this batch of newly discovered minor planets , 2005 FY9.

gnostic pop

Over on the Occult Investigator, Tim’s musing over Jesus and Satan being the same entity. This subject always tickles me, as Damien wrote a song about that years ago.

Damien Youth “Mythical Light” The payoff is the last line.

I’m still amused.

Damien Youth “Zoomorphic Kingdom” Instead of Christian mythology, this is more of his personal mythology that sometimes became all too real, sweeping all of us into a world of dark psychedelia that was enough to rattle my sanity for several years. Dwelling on it too much only makes me wonder why i even bother to pretend that the world seems to work as it does. I only hope that the song can capture that sense of sinister whimsy for someone else.

American bow & arrow?

I was just surfing about looking at various galleries of petroglyphs in North America, and ran across a paragraph that put me wondering.

Atlatls or ‘throwing sticks’ are 18″ long flat wooden sticks that functioned as an extra arm segment and were used to propel a four foot long stone tipped dart toward the hunters query. A hook at the top represents the notch that held the feathered end of the dart and finger grips are sometimes depicted at the opposite end. The disk in the center represents a weight attached to the atlatl to add mass for increased thrust. The bow and arrow starting replacing the atlatl around 200 BC in California and spread eastward into New Mexico by AD 1000.

What’s interesting to me is that this states that in North America the bow and arrow spread from California. Although i’ve known about the atlatl since i was a child, i never stopped to contemplate the independent invention of this weapon in the New World. It wasn’t carried across the Bering Strait land bridge, as it hadn’t been invented yet. Now i’m confronted with this assertion about it originating in California. I’m planning to track down where this idea came from.

Until then, i’m left wondering about the Chumash-Polynesia connection again. How similiar were the earliest American bows and arrows to those in Polynesia compared to anywhere else? I doubt whether there are any examples to compare anyway.

cower in fear!

I’m too lazy to look for my various Nuggets comps, so i’ve been looking for them online. That keyword for compilation is such a magic word, as i’m running across some fun compilations that i hadn’t heard before. One of them has been the Luke Vibert Nuggets one…

“Turkish Delight” Yup! It’s dedicated for those who cannot get enough of Crazy Frog. Ahem. Yes, it’s that insidiously evil.

I think this is by Larry Kraman of Newport Classic, or he originally found it. I’m just not clear on this.

posting the discards

i’m working on a compilation for a friend. It slipped my mind when i was turning him onto revisionist indie pop that he had never heard a lot of the garage and psych-pop that i take for granted these days that was the source material for a lot of that genre.

The Seeds “Evil Hoodoo” The guitar is a monster,and it prefigures what Led Zeppelin would do with “Misty Mountain Hop”. The problem is that five minutes in length, it’s three minutes too long, as repetitive as a washing machine. Too bad…

so it’s not a dinosaur…

The fact that this decomposed corpse seems to have a snout is interesting. Yes, elephant seals do get that almost big, even though this is massively out of its range. I’m not sure what i’m looking at in that photo, but if that’s the head, that seems too elongated to be an elephant seal. The presence of hair seems to rule out a reptile though.

Early on the morning of July 23, a fisherman from Ningbo City in east China’s Zhejiang Province was shocked by the sight of a huge creature lying dead beside the seawall near his home.

Liu, who lives in Yangshashan of Chunxiao Town in Beilun District and who has been a fisherman for over ten years, said “I have never seen such a monster; it was larger than a whale.”

It was first seen by villagers on July 20, according to Mei who breeds fish nearby, and is nearly 12 meters long and weighs around 2 tons, according to district sea and fishery bureau staff.

The animal reportedly has a long thin head and a snout nearly one meter long.

Partly rotten, with its spine exposed, it has been impossible to identify, but has been described as having some hair, and orange stripes across a three to four-meter wide belly. The skull, which alone weighs over 100 kg, and coccyx of the creature have fallen from its body.

Mei said four young people took away a 100 kg piece of the corpse to study and many experts have come to inspect it, but all in vain.

From the degree of putrefaction, the animal may have been dead for a week and beached by Typhoon Haitang several days ago, said Hu from Beilun’s sea and fishery bureau.

He said its overall structure means it’s unlikely to be a fish, but the shape of its head is like a crocodile’s.

Local fishermen have their own ideas about what the animal is and where it came from.

One called Li said it must have lived in the sea, because the skin of its chest is very much like that of many large sea animals, as thick and hard as rubber.

According to another named Wang, it is very like an elephant seal, especially its mouth, and he said he once spotted elephant seals on a journey overseas five years ago.

Many experts said that, being seriously rotten and deprived of lower limbs and tail, the monster is unlikely to be identified or to be made into a specimen.

An expert from Ningbo University’s sea creature research center who has not seen the animal said the possibility of it being a huge crocodile was slim, for they usually live in tropical freshwater.

He also doubted that it could be an elephant seal, saying it would be hard to explain how one got to the subtropical East China Sea from polar waters.

Oh, i love mystery corpses.

Scraping the Barrel

Ned Raggett has a column on Stylus. He hates a lot of stuff i love, but i see an AMG review with his name, i definitely give the album a closer listen, as some of the stuff dearest to him means a lot to me too… except for that Smashing Pumpkins fetish. I don’t know what that’s all about.

Anyway, he’s elected to explore the promo material that Stylus receives that no one else wants to bother with. Ach.

wrestling with the wizzard

Roy Wood “Any Old Time Will Do” I know that it’s probably blasphemy to say this to any hardcore Roy Wood fan, but i rather wish that he didn’t shoehorn every instrument in the world into a song in the ’70s. I hate the arrangement of this song, as it makes me think of the theme of an American TV show that i’d never watch, but i hear the seed of something else, that if it was less hokey, and had a simple string section instead of that shit, that it could be more aligned with the feel of “Beautiful Daughter” No, instead i get the feel of watching people suddenly swinging open doors in a brightly colored leisure suits, and smiling squarely at the camera in a plastic palm tree bliss.

Damn it.

Mustard is very frustrating record for me. The whole thing makes me shake with rage, muttering, “no! no! no! not like that!”

Roy Wood “You Sure Got It Now” Want to hear something more absurd? Imagine the Fiery Furnaces doing this song.