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Savage Rockstar

Monday, February 7th, 2005

I had no clue Rockstar drinks are owned by that loathesome bastard Michael Savage. I’d been using these for energy whenever my tolerance to espresso gets so high that i have to drink eight shots before i get the energy to break down the book or magazine shipment. I’m swearing off the stuff forever as of this moment.

pretty houses

Monday, February 7th, 2005

A man from northern Mississippi with a nearly impenetrable Southern accent came into the bookstore asking for directions on how to get to the River Road, so that he can see the plantations. (We’re right off the interstate, so we get quite a few people who hope that we can help them with tourist information.) Danielle & I were trying to work out which side of the Mississippi that he would fare better on, but Danielle wandered off when i started using east and west directions instead of anything that referenced landmarks familiar to her.

The man seemed quite worried. He leaned in to me to say, “I hope that i didn’t offend her asking about plantations. I ain’t into that whole slavery thing. I just like to look at pretty houses.” I assured him that there was no such problem.

Danielle happens to be black.

Bush wuvs Charlotte Simmons

Monday, February 7th, 2005

Althouugh it’s not big surprise that Wolfe voted for Bush, i find it a little strange that Bush’s friends claim that Bush has read every Tom Wolfe book, and has been enthusiastically recommending I Am Charlotte Simmons to everyone he knows. It has been amusing me to see the stacks of I Am Charlotte Simmons, all with 50% off stickers, gathering dust, after weeks and weeks of incessant promotion by our bookstore chain. Connecting it for my contempt that nearly everything Bush says and does is only icing on the cake.