Are you one of those people? I am.

My parents informed me today that i was still on the rolls in my hometown of Husser on the last local election, even though i’m now registered in Baton Rouge, and legally voted in that same election over here. I did everything followed all of the proper channels in changing my registration, but now I’m one of those names that the Republican party is raising a tempest in a teacup over one of their concepts of ‘voter fraud,’ more names than their are people. Through no fault of my own, i possibly could go out to vote twice on Tuesday. There’s no way in hell that i would do this, but consider the thousands of people who they plan to contest on Tuesday for minor errors in their registration. Do legitimate voters need to be contested when it’s the bureacracy who cannot be bothered to get things straight?

David Vitter is the new David Duke

Wow! I mistook Vitter for a lightweight pretty face, a bland backbencher who would placidly vote along with the Republican leadership. This Salon article clued me in that this vicious bastard is essentially a retooled, crypto-Duke. There’s a good chance that he’s going to win Breaux’s vacated Senate seat this Tuesday, that he might break 50% and avoid a runoff. Hopefully, with high voter turnout, he’ll get beat back down below 50%, and the Democrats can organize for that runoff.

He’s an underhanded little shit, taking sole credit for legislation that he stole from a group effort, sniping at his allies in radio addresses while they are actually still hammering out details in debate, dalliances with prostitutes, siring an illegitimate child, and actual strange ‘coincidences’ that seem to link him tactically to the actual David Duke. (I wouldn’t care very much about the prostitutes or child if he wasn’t running on a family values platform.) There’s definitely a racist bent to a lot of his political machinations in this article. I’m embarrassed that i didn’t know what has been going on in my own backyard.

Stephen Elliott gives an update from Florida

He’s talking about the GOP provisional ballot gambit, Mos Def, and calling Florida for Kerry.

He’s also pointing the way to a Joshuah Bearman Village Voice article, which seems far more cynical of the problems in Florida. I was clueless that Joshua Bearman has a blog as well.

I still have a third of Looking Forward to It to go… wonderful book. The only minor complain i can conceive is that he has copious quantities of endnotes, and i’m too caught up in the flow of his narrative to flip to the back to read them yet, even though i already know there’s damned good stuff squirreled away back there.

GOP demands IDs of 37,000 voters in Milwaukee

Some of the registrations are being contested are because of mere typos because of incorrect or incomplete apartment numbers. These challenges as deeply cynical and unethical ploy to depress voter turnout. Because the city Election Commission doesn’t have time to investigate the validity of the challenges (probably almost none,) so the GOP plans to send volunteers to the polls to challenge each name on their list. The lines on Tuesday will be horrendous in the resulting chaos.

Bigfoot Field Researchers’ Organisation

Maybe with the orang pendak and Homo floresiensis roaming about, the Bigfoot Field Researchers’ Organization will seem less fringe. The piece debunking the ‘debunkers’ of the Patterson-Gimlin film is worth a read. I’m curious to see a response to the new Philip Morris claim that he created a Bigfoot costume. The man upon whom Morris bases this new hoax story, Bob Heironimus, has claimed that Patterson made the suit out of a dead horse before. (I’m still trying to get a source on this quote, but i know that i’ve read this ‘dead horse’ years ago.) Now he claims it was a gorilla suit. Bah, humbug. In a few years, we might not have to deal with this particular brand of hoaxer/ ‘debunker’, as science will have reevaluated these cryptids.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

Jon Ronson wrote Them a few years back. It was supposed to be a humor book on conspiracies and conspiracists, but it’s one of the more clearheaded books i’ve read on the subject. Now Ronson’s tacklign the War on Terror with The Men Who Stare at Goats. It’s out in Britain on November 19th, but isn’t out in the States until April 2005. An extract from the book is on the Guardian site, and it’s looking to be great.

Eager to see this new series of his called ‘The Crazy Rulers of the World’ too, as it seems to be what the book is supplementing. Part one airs on Channel 4 on November 7th.

Osama bin Laden: sit-down comic

He underscored it was U.S. foreign policy that led to the 9/11 attacks, saying, “Bush says and claims, that we hate freedom, let him tell us then, ‘Why did we not attack Sweden?'”

The lovely fjords? Osama’s deep respect for the work of Ingmar Bergman? His passion for ABBA?

I really did think that Osama bin Laden was secretly in custody, and that he’d be trotted out on a leash in the next few days, but this video undermines that fear/ hope. (I fear that kind of cynical manipulation by the Bush administration, but obviously welcome bin Laden’s capture.) Those Mayberry Machiavellis really didn’t have an ace up their sleeve, did they?

So why is this guy still on the loose?

The Oak Room

I nearly forgot! Caught this in the referrals last night… (it looks like i’ve been missing a lot of stuff.)

The Oak Room seems to be a specialty mp3 blog, focusing on the North Carolina Triangle area, a very rich vein to mine. He actually knows what the hell he’s talking about when writing about Chris Stamey and those guys.

Southern college rock… (I don’t know if Mark would use such a label.) It’s an odd thing. It’s one of those paths i didn’t follow. I knew it existed in my hometown, but it seemed more for humanities grad students. I imagined that they sat around listening to stuff like this, along with the Roches, and whatever David Byrne was listening to, chugging expensive beers and wearing birkenstocks, after a long day of writing papers on William Faulkner and Flanney O’Connor. No! I’m not slamming the music! This just happened to be the only exposure i had to the music at the time. On reflection, it seems like quite an idyllic life, but back then, it didn’t seem terribly cool.