Extraterrestrial microfossils!!!

Well, maybe…

Rather than just trusting me to retype everything on the Cosmic Log from yesterday, please go read it. Some photos are found here, comparing these possible fossils to living cyanobacteria. There are supposed to be even better photos that were shown at meeting, but have been held back.

These microfossils were found in a meteorite that landed in France 140 years ago, and is known as the Orgueil meteorite. Apparently this dates back to Louis Pasteur examining this very same meteorite, who looked for microorganisms after several chemists confirmed that this meteorite contained organic material. It was not until 1961 that the Orgueil meteorite was reexamined for the possibility of biological remains.

Belated Outrage!

Madonna buys Spears Kabbalah engagement gift

World Entertainment News Network
Posted August 20 2004

Legendary singer Madonna has bought Britney Spears a “priceless” 12th century Kabbalah book to celebrate her engagement to dancer Kevin Federline.

The pop icons are devout followers of the mystical offshoot of Judaism, so the singer is thrilled with the special bound edition of Zohar – also known as Book Of Splendour – and refuses to go anywhere without it.

This is the most sickening thing I have heard in quite some time. It disgusts me.

“Cast not pearls before swine I always say, and that includes impudent piglets.”– The aunt shrew in the animated version of The Rats of Nimh.

A question though: The article (linked above) mentions that Spears “reads” the book. What 12th century version of the Zohar would be in English? Modern English at that. I don’t remember reading that Spears could read Hebrew (or Latin).

A Safe Prediction…

The Nobel Prize buzz around Orhan Pamuk is becoming deafening….

From the back of Snow’s dust jacket:

“He is the sort of writer for whom the Nobel Prize was invented.” – Tom Jones, The Daily Telegraph.

John Updike’s review of the book in this month’s Harper’s is also full of Nobel talk.

The Prediciton: Orhan Pamuk will win the Nobel Prize.

People are calling Snow “prescient” as it was written before 9/11. Any sort of “prescience”, real or imagined, is ammunition for critics who want to jump on a bandwagon. See the talk about Kaplan’s Balkan Ghosts.