Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.31.02

I meant to post all of this nonsense Friday night, before we went to Husser, but for now i shall just pretend it was Saturday’s post.

The discussion on the KLSU listserv has brought up some issues that I’ve ignored. The people who run the station, the actual faculty staff that administrates it, not the student staff, insist that they regard KLSU as a lab for training people in radio broadcasting. They pretend not to care about the actual content of programming, saying that they would just as soon have it be an NPR affiliate (which Baton Rouge already has) or play jazz (another format that Baton Rouge already has.) All they want is to make certain that the students who pass through the radio station have some practical experience. This is not true.

Between the hegemony of Clearchannel and the advancement of technology towards pure computer control, there is no job market for these communications majors that they are training. What’s the use of training a bunch of people who will have no chance at a job, regardless of their skills?

One person has said that all they care about is keeping their “underwriters” (advertisers) and keeping the money rolling in. I still don’t really know who listens to the station, aside from me. I doubt whether anyone’s calling in to request Dave Matthews, as time after time, it’s more likely just to be a DJ with bad taste, between the testimonies of their fellow DJs and my listening habits, pinpointing that they play the same “requests” at the same time every day. This puts a damper on the presumption that there are packs of sorority girls out there slathering for Dave Matthews, with their itchy fingers hovering over a redial function on their cell phones.

It makes me wonder if the reason why KLSU cannot be a freeform station is because of the zealotry of the progressive DJs. They seem so reactionary at times that they sabotage themselves. One of ex-music directors even freely admits that his reactionary, ironfisted behavior is what caused his ejection.

I found a new country song to hate. It’s that one that has the chorus with something about his sister and brother, father and mother, and is about getting even for September 11th. It sounds like someone managed to make “American Pie” sound belligerent and completely transparent. The fucking bells ringing are almost so over-the-top that it could almost be turned around into a comedy song for me. All of these hollow threats make me think of the inevitable truth of something as opaque as Bob Dylan’s “A HArd Rain’s Going to Fall” as there’s more truth in that then a bunch of empty threats to an enemy that this ignorant wannabe shitkicker.

Today it became clear that Coldplay is the Dave Matthews of the remnants of Britpop. Yeah, yeah, I was calling a band that I actually like quite a lot, the Flaming Lips, the new Styx the other day. KLSU played Coldplay today, and I heard Dave Matthews voice singing it. I truly believed it was the same band. It makes sense to me. They both were the last outgrowths of a corporate boom, alterna-pop in the mid ‘90s for DMB, and Coldplay for the post-Britpop landscape.

I cannot lose to win. I managed to request the Beta Band (only to be corrected in pronounciation, being told it’s Bay-tah instead of Beh-tah, the wrong way that I used to say it, as I learned in Britain, but I kept my mouth shut, so as to not play the Who’s the Biggest Nitpicking Geek game) to ask what songs are on the database, only to get the answer, “Just ‘Squares’.” I asked for it, even though I didn’t really want to hear that song. It just seemed like a good band to probe the limits of their playlist.

I need to ask just how large that harddrive is.

My petty little vendetta is not being salved by one of the new bumpers that they have, a distinctly unfunny skit of a caller asking where his request is, with gratuitous bleeped expletives tossed in.

Does MD Rusty want to work for ClearChannel? The only two Radiohead songs that they seem to have are “Paranoid Android” and “Karma Police”

Not only is there a Dave Matthews tribute band and a Weezer tribute band in Baton Rouge, but now it seems that there is a Phish tribute band as well. There seems to be more tribute bands around than ever. They used to stick to older stuff… Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, but this is getting ridiculous. These bands are still touring! Anyway, the Phish tribute band is advertising a website on which one votes for requests. I vote that they cover Crooked Rain Crooked Rain note for note like Phish did…

Lou noticed that Peter Jennings was putting on airs yet again yesterday. He was reading the story of the trial of the Kennedy relative, then came to a quote from someone who was apparently relevant to the trial, a quote that stated that this case would not be national news if it was not for the cult of celebrity. Peter Jennings felt the need to make it clear that he agreed with this sentiment, in a most archly arrogant manner. However, he had no business aligning himself with this sentiment so snottily, as he was reading this news on a major network anyway. If he hates his job so much, and will not do anything to change the content of the news, then he ought to stand by his alleged principles and loudly resign on air the next time he has to read something he finds distasteful or unworthy. No one is holding a gun to his head… not yet at least.

I’ve never thought much of Peter Jennings either way, but Lou’s attentiveness to his consistent hypocrisy has me loathing the bastard too now.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.30.02

Aha. Fluxblog and Fred also both did MTV VMA blow-by-blows. It actually reads more interesting than i imagined it would be, and regret not watching it now.. a little. I love a good spectacle. Bring on the transsexual midgets on elephants, fountains of the savior’s blood and the armies of plastic people.

I’ll never understand college radio. The KLSU listserv has buzzed to life. While they are all annoyed with the station’s music director, a few of them maintain the same weird cognitive dissonace that has them fighting their musical battles with both hands tied behind their backs.

I often think that i don’t know a thing about subversion and subtlety until i read some of their notions of what should be. I don’t think that i’ve mentioned that the White Stripes “Hotel Yorba” is in heavy rotation…. even still. A few of their DJs are now obviously bored with the White Stripes, and want them removed from the playlists, but it’s just that one song! They win three videos for “Fell in Love with a Girl” last night and that is not played, even on request. Nonetheless, they bend over backwards to appease the Dave Matthews Band followers by loading the computer with those crap tapioca noodlings, but shoot themselves in the foot in disallowing their own music that they are bored with or has simply become too popular. Perhaps they are bored with “their” band, but this is a band that they probably used to love, yet they are unwilling to make a concession that there’s a relatively popular single on the album, as it’s “their” band, and since the always maligned frats must only like DMB, they will only concede to them things that the frats like, and the indie DJs hate. It’s pointlessly spiteful. There’s no effort made to convert people. It’s a station split in two.

My run-on sentences have been getting worse lately. I hope this doesn’t signal a schizophrenic break with reality again.

Ha! i am beginning to listen to WTUL’s web broadcast again. Last night i was rewarded with an excellent old blues show, and this morning, the first song i can hear is the goddamned Pogues! I damned well needed that! (and i can hear the goofy DJs stumbling around the studio in the background, which might drive some crazy, but the unprofessionalism comforts me in that whoever is spinning the discs is not some aspiring vapid newsreader. He could play Britney Spears right after this Madness song that he’s playing now, and i’d be right there with him, as i can hear him searching through the stacks, arguing what would be appropriate for the station with some other mystery person.

Heh. An old Elvis Costello song (no single that i remember) skipped (as he’s playing vinyl of course!) and he discovered that the mike was on the whole time, only to exclaim, “Holy shit!” in a lazy, almost amused way.

Sheesh. i don’t even know what he’s playing anymore… one turned out to be Link Wray, who i don’t believe i’ve ever heard solo stuff by consciously. This is what i want. And i gotta love a guy who will play SFA’s “Calimero” although i’d prefer more stuff that i just don’t know. Yes, he’s veered too close to my own territory again, the Beta Band, Big Star, ect. Great stuff, but i already have those records. Come on! Be a psychopomp. Guide me through the underworld of the dead and forgotten!

Now i just gotta get my shit together and remember to listen to WFMU more regularly again.

i had sideburns until recently. I cut them off after seeing a clip of Dashboard Confessional. Ahem. Even if i looked like a cross between a scalped Civil War general and a skinhead Mungo Jerry.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.29.02


Dave’s blogged his predictions for the MTV music awards. I ain’t watching tonight. Me & MTV have come to a temporary parting of ways. Just don’t have the time to watch it, particularly since M2 has become even more painfully predictable.

I am painfully bored with my painfully predictable blog.



This week has been quite hectic at work, although not quite hellish. I’ll be able to post more normally when the lab quiets down. I’m officially on the job hunt though. Although i’ve grown quite fond of some of my coworkers, i simply do not belong in that lab.

I drove to Lake Charles yet again yesterday. I listened to Clinic Walking with Thee, Paul Burch Last of My Kind and Outkast Stankonia.

Walking with Thee was close to being edited out of my mind as a 2002 release. It feels more like what my limited imagination would come up with in dreaming about Internal Wrangler version 2.0…. which is what many others said. Nothing’s changed. I haven’t listened to any Clinic at all for awhile, so checking in with them was quite nice, but they had best dash out a new album quickly. Trying to tour this album into adulation is a lost cause. Perhaps misguidedly, i still think of them as one of my favorite bands. Poor bastards.

The Burch album is still a fave of mine, but while it still seems warm and friendly, and i have yet to read Jim the Boy (which Lou owns,) my embarrassingly slow comprehension of the lyrics is making me realize what a dark record it really is. Anyone who would give a damn about the album probably already knows this, but it was based off of the novel fo a friend, and the songs hang together seemingly perfectly. I just cannot find the time to read the book to see how one measures up to the other. I fall into the guitar picking of this album so easily, and the words all seem to float from somewhere in my own consciousness, even though i’m no mountain dweller descendent, but a piney woods dweller descendent. Burch sounds so comfortable delivery the testimonies of his characters that it’s easy for me to forget the weight of the words. This is not a weakness. It feels more like an acceptance of the inevitable turn of the world.

Stankonia still makes me feel pretty damned good. It’s yet another of those albums that i’ve never listened to on a good soundsystem, so missed just how many squggles, scratches, clicks, and whirs are going on in the songs.

NPR beat me to it by my sparse posts… the other day my coworkers had on a country station tht normally i cannot stand, but i noticed the new Dixie Chicks single right away, and it puzzled me that deep down, somehow i can recognize the Dixie Chicks without any prompting. It’s cashing in on the endurance of the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack of course, and probably quiote a few more people than the NPR guy are going to laud them for sounding so “authentic.”. Everyone’s going to get sick of reading that, if they aren’t already. I can be naggingly traditionalist at times, but it still feels right to have some country that has something more in debt to country than the syrup, the schmaltz, and godawful affected twang that is used. I’d rather endure their indulgence in dobros, banjos, and mandolins than hear another “country” song that is so bloatedly informed by the ballads of Bon Jovi and the Eagles.

Ever run across someone’s mp3 collection that is a mirror image of one’s own records? I did a couple of evenings ago, while downloading the first Julian Cope solo album. (i have no idea where mine is, if i own it on anything other than tape.) The number of albums i own were colossal… the only noncharacteristic me kind of stuff he had was the entire catalog of Sarah records. I can almost breathe a sigh of relief knowing that i have everything Tom Waits has recorded, but since i don’t actually have a mp3 collection representative of my CD collection, i just don’t know. Can i maintain my identity?

Again, i didn’t really listen to music today.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.25.02

Holy shit. There’s no possible way that i’m going to keep up with all of these music blogs, plus the other music ones that i stumble across day to day.

No music. After a couple of hours of redundant paperwork yesterday, i turned into Pick Up Heavy Objects Guy for the damned lab, a role that i will be continuing today.

I’ve been reading some responses to the Portland teargassing that condemn the cops, but seem to reserve most of their ire for bringing children to a protest in the first place, as the parents should have known what happened. What kind of cynical bullshit is this? There’s a certain logic to this…. One doesn’t walk down the street of a bad neighborhood late at night unless one is asking for trouble. Personal responsibility seems to be at a minimum at times these days. However, one must remember that he’s being aware of the criminal element of society, and taking steps not to become of a victim of it. To insist that one must protect oneself and one’s loved ones from the police, at a perfectly legitimate political protest guaranteed in the Bill of Rights is to admit America failed.

I apologize for being a callous, manipulative bastard, but if America failed, I can understand parents risking their children being peppersprayed to let people know what kind of monsters are supposedly administering the law. Pepperspraying peaceful protestors, no matter how vocal they are, is not an acceptable response for men who are supposed to be police officers.

Do any of these pricks who are condemning the parents remember the battle of civil rights? Some of the same illogic is at play, that if one doesn’t want to get hurt, then one should not have been there. I will admit one difference… that children do not have the same right to choose to be at a protest as a parent. So what? Children should expect to be safe under the protection of police officers. The police should not have used the same excuse as a violent criminal, and they should not demand that we surrender our constitutional rights at their discretion when they cannot exercise enough judgement on whether one should pepperspray a ten month old child. The right to peaceably assemble has no clause for age of qualification or whether one must agree with any particular philosophy or cause. It’s not just an idealistic notion that American citizens (or all humans really) who behave in a lawful manner should be safe in the presence of police.

There was also a protest in Crawford, Texas, but after reading what i dug up on it, with the numbers that the protestors said were there, compared with the photos that i saw, i do not feel that comfortable with anything that they report. There looked to be a few dozen protestors, not the hundreds that were stated. It’s impressive that an action was organized at all, but it irks me when numbers are probably misstated.

And a Krugman breakdown on why Dubya’s idiotic proposal that supposedly is to prevent forest fires is just more thieving bullshit.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.25.02

I don’t like WinMX. It’s not really the usability of the application, but the nature of the users. I made an error, as i had the wrong folder shared, so when i tried to download a Pere Ubu track from one user, he threw off, “If you won’t share, fuck off!” and then put me on ignore. The problem was easily rectified, but while i keep picking other users to download from, i keep getting deliberately disconnected, even though i’m picking people with more adequate connections. Although Soulseek tends to overwhelm my whole internet connection, no one who uses that app has ever been as jerkish as the people i’ve encountered on WinMX. Either that or all diehard Pere Ubu fans are raging assholes.

Yeah, i’m extremely late with this one, but perhaps some of you who need and want to see the photos of the police attacking the protestors in Portland last Thursday. (I actually missed all of this in my idiotic fixation with KLSU’s playlist, and am a little pissed off with myself for this.) I know that photos can misrepresent the truth, but the sheer numbers of photos almost represent what happened realtime, meaning most of the coalscuttled stormtroopers marching around with black masks on their faces, pretending to be policemen, shoudl be prosecuted and incarcerated for assault.

The Portland authorities cannot pretend that they had a bunch of Black Bloc anarchists chucking molotov cocktails and human feces at the cops. I have yet to see one photo supporting these halfhearted claims. The cops didn’t even bother to infiltrate the protestors with their usual instigators. They just attacked.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.24.02

In case anyone thinks that i’ve chickened out with mainstream pop, i have. It’s not disklike or disappointment. It’s that this is the major label stuff that i expect that the RIAA is using as bait to entrap unsuspecting souls in file exchange. I braved Kazaa this morning, checking all of the files of a user before dwnloading, to see just idiosyncratic their collection was. In my paranoia, i think i already found a spy, as all he had was singles of major label artists. If i cannot discern a personality, then it’s a trap. Yes, it’s crazy, but i really wanted to get this Britney Spears mp3 after readign Anthony’s post on NYLPM. I saw the movie but didn’t remember anything about the song.

I don’t think “Boys” is the best of her career. As i mentioned the other day, i’m all Neptuned out. I prefer the early singles that i used to recoil from now, as the anthematic bubblegum had more insidious hooks. Bids to be taken seriously as an artist are misteps, even if they produce good music. (It feels right to make an unsupported declaration like this today.) In being slinky and sexy, it misses the big hook chorus that i learned to appreciate Britney for.

The weird bit is the tabloid bits of the song. It’s peculiar that the chorus is, “Let’s get nasty,” which is something that Janet Jackson seem to have trademarked back in “NAsty Boys”… and now Justin Timberlake is dating Janet. While Britney doesn’t write her own songs, it still seems like a bizarre attempt to slap Jusin around to say, “Who’s the new Janet?”There’s no musical merit in this question.It’s so obvious that someone has already mentioned it, i just haven’t seen it, and feel compelled to make a note.

Is it fair or believable to compare the Streets to Madness? This is another of those notions that i’m not sure whether i lifted from someone’s forgotten blog piece. I was looking through my shared file folder to see if i ever got around to downloading the Streets “Give Me My Lighter Back” (i didn’t) only to run across some neglected Madness mp3s. No, i’m not trying to be as silly as that Pitchfork piece on the Streets yesterday.

(Thinking that Brits don’t sound right using syncopated rhythmic speech is someone who listens to too many PBS voiceovers during their “underwritten by” spots, and doesn’t watch Eastenders (which is shown on BBC America.) Skinner sounds proper? Rob’s got to be kidding! He namechecks Trainspotting (Scottish) but sticks with the feeling that all of Britian is still all tea and crumpets. He’s gotta be doing this just to tweak a few noses and step on a few toes.)

I know very little about 2-step garage even though i have read as much as i can about it, but despite all of this more valid association, i hear a kinship to Madness in the Streets. No, not as a direct influence, but as a similiar mutation to a British musical movement, a lazy analogy that i can use to trick a certain friend who hates most outgrowths of hip-hop into giving the Streets a chance. Yes, i’m a desperate idiot.

Oh, almost forgot… the quick references i’m using are “Baggy Trousers”, “Cardiac Arrest” and “One Step Beyond”…. it’s unlikely to convince anyone, but fuck it….

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.23.02


Sooner or later i’ll get over this petty fixation. The mission to listen to KLSU all day long so that i could detail what is really played, and send it to the music director was an utter failure. First, some of the people not following the rules are rulebreakers with hearts. They have good taste. Second, it was the last shift for most of the DJs that i heard, so every one of them indulged in what he or she could, as they could never be reprimanded for it. The only problem is that one of them actually admitted that they had five versions of cleaned-up Nelly songs, and while they joked aroudn how they ought to play them, they didn’t seize the opportunity to do it! Of course there’s other stations playing Nelly, but that’s not the point. KLSU often uses the cliched tagline, “Only on your original alternative KLSU!” but there’s at least two alt-rock stations around. Is there a station that would play Nelly, Weezer, the Streets, Tom Waits, Interpol, the Left Banke, and the Buzzcocks? Hell no! Do it!

Another reason why i might have to quit listening to the station is because it’s making me feel slightly agist. It’s not a nice feeling. It irks me that people younger than me are nostlagic for the ’90s of their youth, a time of bland guitar pop.

It’s also spooky that Southeast Louisiana was an epicenter for that kind of music… both Cowboy Mouth and Better Than Ezra emerged from these grounds, potsmoking guitar bands who clung to the alternative wave through magic i have yet to comprehend. I feel a personal responsibility for being a Louisiana citizen in a place that produced such uninspired, diluted music.

Speaking of that subject, the AMG entry for the Stereophonics’ last album is pretty funny. The writer probably needs medication and therapy, as he invests so much more depth in that music than a healthy person should or could. This sentence is particularly baffling, “Already having dealt with the critics’ views of this being a country or acoustic record, frontman Kelly Jones wanted the album to go by the abbreviation of J.E.E.P., which captures the band’s opinions of the music industry. ” Someone please explain this to me. Please. I’m worried about whoever wrote this sentence. We can get him help.

I miss reading Slatch a few days only to find that they have an interview with Britt Daniel of Spoon.

And Fred breaks down the upset in American Idol….. i cannot believe we didn’t watch that night.


While i think highly of the Flaming Lips, i had one of those moments yesterday in which i heard a coworker’s radio on classic rock station, to realize that the Flaming Lips have entirely too much in common with Styx.

The desire to translate the music to some acted medum, either a musical or a movie. Japanese references. Prominent keyboards. Tackling “serious” subjects using sci-fi metaphors, particularly the fascination with robots. Perhaps this is all something i picked up from reading someone else and have not remembered it until now, but it kinda unnerved me. I don’t care to listen to shitty music dubbed classic rock only yo find that it’s survived in some Bizarro fashion in currently critically lauded bands.

The reply to the KLSU music director went out last night. I listened to KLSU all day yesterday yet again, and heard no Sonic Youth. I heard a shitload of bland pop-punk, a handful of decent acoustic folky tunes that don’t really stick with me, and the Absolutely Shit Band… Loudermilk. Oh, and Gomez. They won’t ever stop playing “Shot Shot” and “Rex Kramer”. Apparently their album is the best thing to come out of Britain since the Starsailor debut. Oh those shining geniuses, Starsailor! Ah, how will anyone ever match their sheer inventiveness? The Stereophonics, oh we look to you! Show us the way to the Great Future.

Derivative assholes… at least bands like the Dandy Warhols (a random band that a lot of people hate for very valid reasons, but i don’t… yet) have a dim awareness of their retread buffoonery… and more upbeat songs that somehow manage to avoid being as banal as Have a Nice Day. Don’t worry. i don’t know what the comparison there really is either.

Still chewing on that “Where were you?” indier-than-thou question. Really…. where was i? Instead of the rhetorical question that he asked, i’m trying to turn it over in in my head to an existential one… and failing of course, but i shall keep trying. Ah, i’m losing my edge. Sorry…. bad running joke that i shall wallow in far too long.

Whatever my problems with KLSU’s choice in music lately, they picked out something in their new section that even the local television stations have not picked up on… What’s the real reason for sudden reports that Mike Foster might run for U.S. Senate against Mary Landrieu? It could be that black Democrats in the Legislature have asked Foster to threaten a run as a means of rattling Mary Landrieu, says a source from a Senate campaign. Foster’s former chief of staff agrees. Stephen Perry, now head of the New Orleans tourist bureau, says, “I think Mike Foster would want to run for the U.S. Senate and move to Washington, D.C., about as much as he’d like to be an astronaut and fly to Jupiter. Please let them be right. I have just half a day to find out the truth.

Yet another thing about Dubya… one of the most petty annoyances i have with him is just the way he speaks. One of the worst stock phrases is, “What ya gotta understand,”in a emphatic nasal condescension, as if he has a handle on issues that no one else can begin to comprehend. It’s not even how he mispronounces everything, like in this same audio clip on NPR i head him pronounce secretaries as SEK-ker-tahr-ees. I fuck up a lot too, as i’m dyslexic too. That’s why i was ready to lumber into War mode yesterday, raising the battleflag when the KLSU music director wrote that email… as i misread it. However, whatever manglings of the English language he spits out always drops of the highest arrogance, and “What ya gotta understand,” is the bad tagline of some jackass sitcom character who should have had his show cancelled a long time ago. He’s not coaching T-ball here. He should not be able to avoid questions with such a feeble atttack with literate adults who shoudl be capable of critical thinking.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.22.02

I wrote to the KLSU Music Director, someone named Rusty, to ask him where certain albums are. It was a list of mostly indie albums that have not been getting much airplay on KLSU, but i’ve been reading a lot of press about. A few i slipped in there just for my own amusement. It didn’t seem likely he’d answer, but he did. Reading this, it’s hard to be glad that he did:

  • Interpol – I love this band, play them EVERY indie show
  • Spoon – a real good friend works for Merge, I play and chart on CMJ almost everything in their current roster, and a lot of old stuff.
  • the Streets -play it on the indie show
  • Primal Scream -I don’t like them, so no, you won’t here it here.
  • Hot Snakes -play it on the indie show
  • Songs: Ohia -met this guy years ago, just don’t care for it
  • Sleater-Kinney -just got the new album, it’s good. play it on the indie show
  • the Rapture -can’t say I know anything about this, maybe we didn’t get it yet.
  • The Electric 6- Ditto
  • Mum -Indie show
  • El-P- I didn’t care for it but Underground Sounds plays it.
  • Ugly Casanova- played every indie show until this week
  • Lone Pigeon- indie show
  • the Liars -this is a good record, again I play it on the Indie show
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves -it’s really not good dude.
  • the Mountain Goats-?
  • The Coral?
  • Paul Westerberg I don’t like his solo stuff, but I just put like 10 Replacements songs into rotation.
  • Tom Waits-no thanks
  • 2 Many DJs-?
  • Pulp- just got the new record, it’s good. something from it will go into regular rotation.
  • Sonic Youth- Man, we play this. In fact, I charted it for so long in CMJ that DGC personally gave me $160 worth of tickets to the show in N.O.-after it was sold out no less. They even gave me backstage passes, I met the band. Thurston is a giant and wears Tevas and Kim is tiny. Lee looks old when you get up on him, and Steve was not backstage, but it didn’t matter because I met him years ago when he toured with his side project Two Dollar Guitar. Where were you? we even did like five or six giveaways last week where you could win the new Sonic Youth record. I don’t think you were in on that either. I still have an extra copy if you want it. Email me.

So, this is how it works. I host the Indie show, I’m also the music director. Indie and metal and 70’s shit like ELO is what I like. But I can’t just play that stuff all the time. I gots to appeal to all the peeps at LSU. The Indie show is my test ground, if it goes over well there, it will make it into regular rotation. I can’t push shit like Hot Snakes(which I love) onto some dumb 18 year old frat girl. At the same time I’m not going to spin the hell out of better than ezra or dave mathews. I try to keep it balanced. Some of that Indie stuff you named is excellent and we play it every week on wednesday nights at 11pm. Believe me, I get 99% of whats out there delivered to me every week, but not all of it is suitable for 2pm in the afternoon. I’ll satiate your craving for indie rock, you just gotta listen. -Rusty KLSU MD

When i first read it this morning, my ears steamed up and my teeth were clenched, but the more i read it, it’s a friendly chatty thing. I had immediately decided to explode on this page, and then salvage the best bits for my reply to him, but despite the glaring question, “Where were you? in the Sonic Youth bit, it’s quite nice that someone would bother to answer a random list. Besides, he even offers a free copy of a CD.

It’s difficult to answer this, not that he’s hanging upon my next words. One assumption that he makes is that i’m a casual listener. KLSU probably doesn’t have many people show up on the demographics who listen at least 6 hours per day, duiring the middle of the day, on weekdays. They are indeed spinning the hell out of Dave Matthews and Better Than Ezra.(and i have yet to hear anything from the new Sonic Youth album between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.) Someone out there is forging logs or tricking the computer if Rusty is telling the truth about that.

The answer of looking to the indie show for anything that is MIA is inadequte of course. Once per week at 11 pm for two hours? No, i have the albums already, thank you. There’s no need to sit up eagerly waiting to hear whether Rusty may or may not declare that something can leave the indie ghetto to join the regular playlist with the megalithic genius of Starsailor, Rusted Root, and Gomez.

Admittedly, t’s hard to trust anyone who obviously dislikes Tom Waits, but namechecks Two Dollar Guitar… everyone to hsi tastes, but…

KLSU really did the Sonic Youth giveaway. I did hear that several times… just not any music. I plead that i was on the road to Lake Charles and Morgan City for much of last week, but whenever i was in range of the signal, there was no SY beign played…. only the ticket giveaways, which i probably could have easily won, but i always have to calculate how much gas i’d have to buy to get there, and whether it’s something Lou would enjoy too. She’s eager to try anything musically, but even i didn’t find it to be worth it.

I haven’t finished my grousing of course. Not by a longshot. I have yet to pull together a reply that i think is both fair and polite. Fuck it…. i wish the guy would play ELO, Badfinger, and the Raspberries compared to some of the drek that makes it into regular rotation.

Speaking of trying to outmanuveur hipsters with one’s own brand of hipsterism…

Although i’ve been talkign shit about Albarn, now that i’ve gone over to the other side, and after all, Albarn is a shithead, i noticed that he still has somewhat good taste in music. The only one that i wouldn’t pick is Princess Superstar, who i have yet to hear, as what i read didn’t perk my interest.

It’s also mildly interesting that the Neptunes pick only rock albums, but honestly, i’m all Neptuned out for awhile. It’s telling that they pick the most heavily hyped of this year’s rock bands though

And who the hell whought that Baz Luhrman would be into turntables? Remy Shand SUCKS though…. a cross between Lenny Kravitz, Jamoriqui (it’s not worth looking up the right spelling,) and Terrence Trent Darby (it’s all about the hat.) Andrew WK is more defensible.

I don;’t know who Greg Kot is, but picking Drive-By Truckers is suspicious. #1… they sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd. #2… a friend wrote something slightly less than glowing review of them, and then he was threatened by their knuckledragging fanbase.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.21.02

Tried out listening to another warbly voice, to see if that characteristic is the prejudice. Roxy Music For Your Pleasure. Naw. It’s just Corin Tucker’s vibrating singing. Maybe. Maybe i think of campy theatrics when i hear that style of singing, so when the Great Straightforward Rock and Roll band does it, it causes more grating than the overpraise from the likes of Greil Marcus. There’s a few songs that i do like…. ‘No Rock & Roll Fun’ has none of that vibrato singing that i can recall, although i’m just guessing because i recall that being a S-K song that i genuinely love. Struggling to come up with more of those deliberately vibrating voices to see if the Roxy Music and camp theory holds.

I put Walking with Thee into the car stereo only to have it spit back out me. In disbelief, i turned over the disk to see minute scuffs, pits and scratches all acorss the surface. Disk after disk is the same. For years i’ve kept my CDs off-limits from travel. They remained in an imaginary archive at my parents’ home, and only tapes were allowed out of that archive. I let my guard down when i went to Cardiff, as i brought 70 special CDs for that adventure. Since then, i’ve been extremely lax about maintaining this “archive.” Just a few minutes ago, i pulled every store-bought CD from the folder that i thought was relatively safe, and have calmed myself from hyperventilation with a cup of tea and some monotone humming.

An evil thing that i did today was convince someone that Simon Reynolds is the same Simon from American Idol. It was a strange compulsion to misinform someone that i did this. The person didn’t even know who Simon Reynolds was, or was familiar with very much of the music he writes about. I’m still trying to puzzle out why i did this, aside from tryign to remind myself to look for the book that Nathalie mentioned that she is reading. This Bracewell book appeared at the bookstore recently, and it seemed the next logical purchase, wheneever i start reading again. (I even had to wait until Greenspun was back up to check the archives to see if it was even remotely living up to the promise i might have to learn or disagree with it.)

Cope’s Floored Genius Volume 3 popped up on the top of a pile of CDs somehow. It’s bad enough when one forgets that a CD even exists, let alone that one owns it. It’s quite a spotty compilation, as the oddities are very odd, and the outtakes, at least in one case, are so embarrassing that the brazen choice to make them public is weirdly admirable. To hear Cope and Will Sergeant do a primal (read as utterly incompetent) subgarage interpretation of “Satisfaction” is headtwisting for me. It has that punk rock realization that makes me kick myself, as hearing this, and thinking of Can’s “Yoo Doo Right”(infinitely better, but it feels like they had been listening to too much Can in doign their Stones cover.) i know that missed my calling as failed musician rather than a failed writer.

The local news is chortling over the possibility of Governor Foster running against Landrieu for her Senate seat. Even Dubya is supposed to be urging him to take up the race. Foster has until Friday to qualify. The morons on the news are crowing about how popular Foster is, how he’s been elected twice as governor with 60% majorities. This is totally ignoring the fact that Foster is as crooked as any other governor Louisiana has had…. he’s lazily pro-business, indulging in the customary cronyisms that many swear ended with Edwin Edwards, and takes the whole autumn off to go duck hunting. The Republicans are dying to topple Landrieu, who is practically a conservative as far as i can see, as her ads pledging allegiance to Dubya are craven cowardice.

Another asinine Republican power play is capitalizing upon the existence of the serial killer. For somne inexplicable reason, one of the headline stories on the local news is how the Republican party is meeting with members of the deceased victims. Uhhhh…. just how crass can they be?

More proof that Dubya is an evil idiot. His best way to stop forest fires to to let the logging industry cut them all down. I was reading the thread on Metafilter, and this arrogant, dimwitted kid who argues everything into the ground with the most tenuous graps on the facts (by pretending to be a liberatrian when he’s really just an immature asshole… he appear on every thread that involves politics. Take a guess who he might be… i loathe this creepy little shit with as much hate as i can muster for some random, mostly harmless stranger) turned the thread into a pointless debate on whether man is a part of nature or not. Man is part of nature, but frequently in nature, the balance for a species goes out of whack, and a population can spring into an overwhelming force on the environment, and then altering the environment enough so that these optimal conditions for the species no longer exist, causing the species population to crash, sometimes to extinction levels.

ANYWAY, to repeat the obvious environment argument everyone already well knows, we’re living as we are living now because of the past fragile state of the planet’s environment. If we continue to alter the conditions of the planet from the ones that we originally we evolved in, then we will go extinct. History has demonstrated it. One cannot cling to the argument that humans are part of nature, thus everything humans do is justified.

Apologies. It was quite an obvious point that i wanted to make, and i bashed some poor dumbass in the process.

Another thing that i was getting all paranoid about is the flush of child abductions. According to NPR quaoting the Justice Department, these kind of crimes are actually down. Nonetheless, the media is feeding a hysteria that is causing parents to rush their kids to be photographed, fingerprinted, and have DNA samples taken. Great… the kids will be able to be tracked, if in some remote possibility they are abducted. What i want to know is who is keeping this database private, and whether the data is destroyed when the child becomes an adult.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 08.20.02


Although i consider the Donaldsonville run a short one, i was able to listen to Alice, Blood Money, and Fried today, as well as a few odds & ends.

Fried sounds even thinner than i remembered. Not sparse like Skellington, but stretched out into the treble. Often the closest thing to a bass sound in the song is Cope’s voice. It’s something i frequently ignore, as i love to declare thart Fried is one of my favorite Cope records, but it would also be my first choice to have completely remastered “properly”. At least Fried has great songs that ‘m convinced are mismastered (as the actual playing of the instruments is spot-on perfect) but My Nation Undeground is just a plain old mistake.

I’ve blown most of my thoughts on Alice and Blood Money on Raindogs. It seems that a lot of the folks on there, almost all of whom are diehard Waits obsessives who live and die by his music, are finding these albums “difficult”…. not as in too hard to listen to, but either overproduced or half-assed. A lot of people fell in love with those bleak demos from Alice, some of which even i believe are quite possibly superior to the official release of the songs. (“Tabletop Joe” is aching eerie with that strange croon of his, and what sounds like spoons banging on pots and pans for percussion. While the new version done lounge style is mighty entertaining, and leaves me with the indelible image of a man shaped like a crab leading an orchestra, the demo haunts me.) the halfass (yes, i’m misrepresenting someone’s words) comes from the recognition that some of Tom’s lyrics are lifted directly from various books he’s reading. Anyway…. if i think of anything i’m more likely to post it both here and on Raindogs now.

Sometimes i like Sleater-Kinney well enough. Tonight’s one of those nights. That weird vibrato thing that she has going with her voice gives me almost as much of a headache as huffing methyl alcohol and WD-40 for a couple of hours. It seemed like a good idea to download One Beat. It might be the classic album every indie rocker longs for, but it reminds me of a long night of being conned out to a bar to see a local band, only because they are local, and sticking it out to the end because they are pouring their hearts out to their tiny audience, and not wanting them to notice that we’re leaving, as we respect them too much for that, losing track of just how long we are staying out of respect, as each song sounds a lot like the last.

Primal Scream waffling on about syphilis was less tedious tonight, as another misguided notion was to reexamine bits of Evil Heat. (It doesn’t quite grate as much as it did, but it bugs me that i listen to somethign repeatedly because it’s a famous name.)


I still have not mailed the CDs that i made almost two weeks ago. Shit.

Does anyone else imagine DJ Martian as the sort fo person who never ever sleeps, having a thousand mile stare that will pierce one’s soul to single subatomic particle that has popped into this space-time continuum for a millisecond? I haven’t even listened to a quarter of the albums on this list (although it turned out to be more than i that i would have guessed.) Who has time to hear all of these? Dave’s speculations.

I truly hate the Stereophonics. It’s just NME just trying to drum up some manufactured rivalry, but they are still clueless, insipid bastards who live extremely unexamined lives. Few people expect all music to be art for art’s sake, but the loutish, workmanlike attitude they bring to music is extremely distasteful. These submediocre fuckwits have all of the grace and poise of Kid Rock, another materialistic dipshit who slags Radiohead and grouses about money incessantly.

The biggest musical moment of the past 24 hours is Lou receiving a musical toliet holder from a friend back in Britian. She immediately installed it of course, and now each spin of the roll plays “Love Me Tender”. Ever been scared shitless?

Stanislav said that his two hours of “Louie Louie” was not that over the edge. According to him, in 1983 a Calirfornia station played these songs for thre days straight. Besides, he wrote that last year on KLSU, he did a whole show devoted to the song, “I Fought the Law”.

We all already knew this, but let’s repeat it out loud anyway…. the reason why we know Saddam has (had) chemical weapons is because when the U.S. was funding him to wage war on Iran, he was gassing his own people at the time, as our current Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was running around giving Saddm tips back in Reagan’s day. Forget the smokescreen about the U.S. policy change. Concentrate on what the hell we were doing over there at all. Do we want the same people over there declaring that they are experts in the region when they are the ones who helped fuck up the situation in the first place?

Stormin’ Norman is against this arrogant unilateral war too.

Space elevator. Let’s forget all of the money grubbing bullshit by these nonproducing, profit-taking corporations. Why not something visionary like a space elevator?