Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.28.01

I still cannot figure out what the format at KSLU is at night. Every chance i get, I turn that station on for the ride home at night, and they might be playing anything from Slayer to to NOFX to Spoon to Matchbox 20 to some damned no-mark house music. This is all one DJ in the matter of a half hour. It was amusing to head that Spoon was on, being the indie-hype of the week, with “Fitted Shirt” (and in my sleepy state, it sounded like someone playing chopped up AC/DC riffs with a singer aping that sucker in Bush. No, really! Tell Britt Daniels that! This new album just makes no impresssion on me, even though I’m happy that a Pitchfork reviewer got on NPR to champion it.) It was weirder still to hear the DJ saying hello by name to people that I’m acquainted with in Hammond, but had no clue that they cared at all about music anymore, even bad music.

Although this morning I’m listening to nothing but the rain pounding down on the roof, yesterday was a Pavement kind of day. I had Crooked Rain Crooked Rain to play as i sorted through the boxes in Receiving. i like it back there anyway, as the roof is metal, and it was raining yesterday as well. With that slight white noise, and the flashbacks to be crouched down in old tin sheds during thunderstorms, it was a perfect time for that album. It makes me miss being even more underemployed than i am now, and being perpetually buzzed on strange pills and slightly hungover. When i first got online on the internet, it seemed like there were dozens of people using Pavement lyrics as taglines, on every listserv and newsgroup. Even though i never had a skateboard in my life, I love the line from “Range Life”….out on my skateboard/ the night is just humming… As i recall sitting in the park at night, with the streetlights humming, and with my head humming with bad chemicals and fun songs, waiting for anything to happen, wondering why I should believe this evening would be any different from any other, worrying that I was missing something, from anything to a great practical joke to a falling star. It’s not really what the song is about, but it’s how it makes me feel, stumbling blindly for nuggets of gold in a banal vastness.

In a weird turn of events, in the short time it took to write that last paragraph, the rain has stopped, and i see sunlight and blue sky. I had already slipped Wowee Zowee into the player, and I miss the rain.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.27.01

It’s so rewarding to see that headline about Shrub winning “again” in the recount is only so much more propaganda. It turns out those “only” 49 votes were just for Miami-Dades counties undervotes. The more important overvotes are still unaccounted for, and shows that in all of the counties that recounted the undervotes, that Gore actually garnered 1017 more votes than Shrub. Miami-Dade was not the only county in which doubts were raised. Let’s also not forget the people who never had a chance to vote, the “felons” who were not felons, and the people who happened to black. Even NPR made this Shrub nonvictory headline news, and I’m losing all belief in their slightly higher credibility.

I don’t feel so lowbrow today. I was reading the Robyn Hitchcock listserv digests, and was reminded of Chuck Eddy. I am perplexed this bastard, as he doesn’t merely revel in accepting anything as possibly being good music, but runs with the assumption that all dumb music must be good. A lot of rock critics give him too much credit as a token “people’s voice” but the only people that i know share his opinions are mulleted troglodytes. I read his book The Accidental Evolution of Rock and Roll but it makes no sense as a whole. There’s funny lines in it, but considering his history, he has no grasp of what is going on, no matter how much others try to justify his jibes. I empathize with him in a way. I owned only a few records when i started college, and right now, I’m going through an odd phase of being quite fond of glam rock. Now I am having a sudden, “What the fuck?” moment when i realized that he is writing for the Village Voice. I don’t know. Either he’s a complete idiot who has an accidental talent for stirring amused reflections in stuffy rock critics or he is a total jackass that likes sticking his finger in turds and putting it in people’s faces. By the way, he put Robyn Hitchcock on his ten worst of all rock list.

I’ve been listening to the New Pornographers again this morning, pushed by the interview on Pitchfork that i had not noticed until now. This might be weird, but my three favorite songs on Mass Romantic are “Execution Day”, “Centre for Holy Wars”, and “The Mary Martin Show”! None of the reviews I’ve read so far have mentioned how irritatingly, but catchily bouncy they are. I’m wondering whether I’m missing something in the other songs when i see other people rave about any of the other songs, as while they are good, they wouldn’t be my picks of the highlights.

I won’t be watching it tonight, or perhaps not ever… but please let Andy Dick’s new show be funny. I would wish that he’d be funnier than Shrub pretending to be the president on televison in the address to Congress tonight, but that’s just too much.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.26.01

So Clinton pardoning Marc Rich/Reich was a bad thing… i agree. However, what about George I’s pardon of the drug trafficker Aslam Adam? I’ve been focusing on the hypocrisy in the outrage against Clinton, while George I has pardoned people who would have testified against him in any future Iran-Contra investigation, a huge conflict of interest, and now it turns out that George I was doing far weirder stuff with his pardons that no one to this day understands.

Don’t believe that nonsense that is being trumpeted in the media today about the Miami Herald deciding that in a recount that Shrub truly did win. Something weird went down. I saw too many other accounts and numbers to swallow that nonsense. Just wait until i find a few good links on that non-story. Either way, none of this explains why a drunk driving, coke-snorting, AWOL, office abusing fratboy should have been allowed to run for that office in the first place.

Am listening to the first Big Star album today. I love this stuff. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to transcribe that article that I found on Big Star in Revolver, of all places. It’s a magazine that cannot last, and i was only able to stomach getting a stripped copy, with that pansy Fred Durst on the cover. Between that article and the one in a recent Mojo, they seem as tragically fucked-up as Badfinger. Is there a Behind the Music for either of them? I’ll bet not. Incidentally, one of the songs that pops into my head unbeckoned most frequently is Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos”. I don’t play the album that often, and I’ve had it perhaps less than a year. It creeps me out that it’s so deeply imbedded into my brain, almost as if it has always been there.

Am continually surprised by what some of these blogger people like… I read them often, but from what they write, i often think they like the exact opposite in music, and then one of them will put up a list like this. I can completely empathize with four-fifths of that list, or at least the artists on it. and then another keeps mentioning various Teardrop Explodes mp3s on his harddrive. Maybe it only seems odd to me?

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.25.01

Just watched Cheap Trick‘s free concert on Direct TV. Pretty good, but it could have been better as a concert. It was more of a chance to share with their family and friends. then again, if i was in that crowd, I’d probably feel far differently. I saw Cheap Trick 12 or 13 years ago, and few shows ever lived up to it. This Direct TV concert had quite an odd setlist, with far too many ballads and recent songs. It was actually quite cool to see them play “You’re All Talk” with Slash, as it turned into a strange highlight. It was also nice to see Billy Corgan join them for a song only to see him glow with joy of playing with his obvious idols. I don’t even care for the Smashing Pumpkins, but to see Billy with a goofy adolescent grin was worth it. I wonder if “Live at Budokan” is on DVD?

And does anyone know whether “Auf Wiedersehen” was ever used in as the climax in the soundtrack of some downbeat teenaged angst movie? It seems like it would be perfect. “Rushmore” used some Brit Invasion bands… doesn’t it seem that Cheap Trick and come to think of it, Big Star, should get the royal treatment?

The new Harry Potter books will be out on March 13th, but it won’t be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It will be his textbooks. However, at 64 pages each, I already feel disappointed.

Mary Matalin says the American people don’t care if Shrub uses decent grammar. I do.

Have been forgetting to make any comment at all about last week’s Survivor episode. It was not because I was disappointed with it, but i was not outraged. Aw, shucks. I didn’t even feel like gloating, as I didn’t hate Kimmi, as she was merely annoying. I’m betting Jerri is next to go, as Colby will not trust her past the merger.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.24.01

I’m a little disappointed with what I wrote about Sandman. I flashed back to thinking of a couple of Gaiman’s fantasy novels, while driving to work this morning, and I admit that they were lackluster… merely entertaining. I still stand by the depth of the comic Sandman, even though when i thought of those novels in comparison, I winced. Overall, most comics suck. However, when Gaiman sticks to his real strength, comics, he still seems like a giant. I’m a sucker for mythology and cannibalizing classic literature. Incidentally, the only other comic writer I’m crazy about, offhand, is Dan Clowes. I’d been thinking of him anyway while starting on those books by Will Self and George Saunders. It’s not that I don’t think anyone else is worthwhile. I just don’t feel like taking the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, as I already have music as an obsession, and the distinctions between what’s “good” and “bad” is as hard to make when one takes into account what is “fun” and “boring”.

Why on earth is it okay for relatively high profile right wing publications like the National Review to imply that Chelsea Clinton should be killed? I don’t recall any of the leftwing sites that I read nearly daily saying that Shrub should be killed for taking part in stealing the election. Why? Because it would be wrong. He’s still a human being, even though a sorry example of one. Chelsea Clinton has not even done anything to anger anyone. The hate and violence in this implied threat speaks volume about the side that also claims that Jesus Christ himself is on their side. What they cannot they understand that is Jesus had any political affilation at all, he would not be a “conservative Christian” like John Ashcroft, but more likely a socialist or even a communist. However, from what I’ve read, any real “dedicated follower of Christ” would never run for public office. Period.

I saw today that the paperback edition of Jim Hightower’s book is out, and it is updated for last fall’s election. Hightower barely even touches on the recount hijinks, as he still considers both parties against the people anyway, so what’s the big surprise that the vote does not count? I see his point, and agree, but it bugs me that the corrupt politicians do not even go through the motions of legitimacy anymore, just seizing power and rewriting the rules (and history) as they see fit.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.23.01

I guess that I’d best walk the walk when it comes to linking to the political sites that I pay attention. Now there’s perpetual links on the sidebar to those as well as some of the weblogs that I regularly read. I’m on the hunt for more, even though i have not enough time to read them.)

Today was intended to set aside for reading and drawing, but i was playing an Uncut sampler CD, and heard a song by the La’s, and I’m seized by the need to listen to the rest of the album. The only copy that i think that I have is on a tape that Lou sent to me, and it’s nowhere. Of every record that I have at my disposal, only this particularly album seems to be the one that needs to be heard. I’ve found things that i didn’t even know that I had, things that i’ve forgotten, and things that I’m fairly certain were smuggled in by elves.

Okay, Sandman… since i only had the first eight issues, and only heard about how great it was from acquaintances, without anything more defining that the word “great.” Since a few of these people liked anything with an antihero that rarely talked and wore black, “great” didn’t count for much, even if those first eight issues were fairly special. My last issue was the introduction of the story of Nada, the lover who spurned Morpheus, and I didn’t realize that this peculiar style of storytelling was not a one-shot. Not all of the ten volumes of the collected comics are at the bookstore, and i have been reading them out of order, just because my breaks get so rushed. It has not hurt at all. In fact, it’s helped me understand that Gaiman went into writing Sandman with a very clear vision, and if he changed anything, he paid meticulous attention to what happened before and why. It’s very clearly a piece of work that he poured his heart and soul into, not some hack hammering out bits of candy for a deadline. The literary allusions, blatant and subtle, give it an intellectual depth as deep as any contemporary bit of fiction, and yeah, I’ve read quite a bit. For all of the critical praise given to Sandman, I still think it gets the rug pulled out from under it just for being a cartoon. Perhaps I’m just too lowbrow. Read The Sandman Companion, and see that some of the plotlines and dialogue had a lot of weight behind them.

Then read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. He will con you into believing some of the most outlandish things about comics, and has me second-guessing every squiggle and line i see on paper now, wondering what kind of power it conveys. While he was talking about art and communication, I almost feel like I’ve stumbled on a secret of shamanistic magic!

By the by, today’s featured theft from Napster is the Waxwings. they seem promising, but the truth is that I’ve been walking around outside, catching pieces of Neil Young’s “Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere” on the stereo. Besides tracking down that La’s tape, i’d like to find more by the band January, as they were also on that Uncut sampler, and they were not the pointlessly jamming band that I thought they were. I hate jamming bands, incidentally, unless it’s P-Funk. The review on January made me pull out the Neil Young, but they also have a little of that a soaring drift into space a la Oasis, but in a good way, if there’s an actual good way to do that. Quick! Change the subject! Anyone heard Captain Soul yet, the other new Poptones release? Oh… that wasn’t very clever.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.22.01

For Valentine’s Day, Lou gave me a mouth harp, but i didn’t have a clue on how to use it until my redneck father came home to see me with it clenched in my teeth yesterday evening, sitting on the swing on the porch with the dog. “No, no, you’re doing it all wrong boy!” From now on, as i download mp3s and read political conspiracy theories, I shall be sitting here happily trying to get the right tone out of it. I’ve loaned my guitar to Damien because he needs it more than I do lately. Now I have a mouth harp. Cool! Hey! It’s not so suggestive! Stop thinking dirty!

Damien‘s recorded another twenty-five songs. Yep. This is in addition to the rest on tape. The next release is still to be the folk record, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be another sprawling double album brilliant mess like Jinx yet. There might be a series of EPs instead, as he’s said that some of the songs fit together thematically or stylistically, but not all together. He’s also hinted that he’s been listening to Scott Walker, and then made some vague reference to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, even though he’s never been a rabid fan of them. No news on the covers album.

My mother said that the dogwoods that I see blooming are actually mayhaws, and it’s too early for dogwoods. I think it’s early too, but I’m certain there’s no such thing as pink mayhaws, but there is definitely such a thing as a pink dogwood. If i only had time to stop on the way to work, and secure some evidence…

There’s a new and updated list of the civilians that were aboard the submarine Greenville. The speculation that they were a bunch of oilmen who were backers of the Shrub campaign is becoming less and less wild. This is not as solid of the list of the “scrubbers” who bullied Miami-Dade into stopping the recount by faking a riot, just like a bunch of Nazis, but the investigation is ongoing, not that any of the right people will be punished this time either.

My friend Nick has posted his photos of his trip to Nicaragua, but I’m certain few will find it as cool and funny as i do. I want to buy one of those islands in the lake.

Luke Martin’s weblog is quickly turning into one of my favorites. I love horrible work stories.

And yes, Paul, I downloaded some of Oranger’s new album at your suggestion. Somehow the Pitchfork review slipped past me, but it would have done little good, as I am phobic of Brian Wilson’s name. Trainspotting Beach Boy partisans just make my stomach churn, and i thought Oranger might be more precious than i could handle. (Why doesn’t it bother me much when a band apes the Beatles? I don’t know.) It puzzles me that the AMG entry for their album is less than generous with two and a half stars. The write-up is even generous. Will anyone ever get that site’s recommendations and ratings straight?

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.21.01

Am downloading a few tracks from the new Spoon album as reviewed on Pitchfork, but still nonplussed. It’s good, but an 8.0? I dunno. The only other Spoon i have is the album “Telefono” as I read that Britt Daniels likes Julian Cope. Um. Maybe i should not admit that… I missed the piece on All Things Considered though.

I feel guilty in another way, in that the game i want to play is Am I Cool or Not on Freaky Trigger, and while i was rooting around on there, i saw a couple of articles that made me think. It’s just too much linking to one site, but I disagree with part of this article about LeTigre, politics, and the internet. Nope, I have not heard the song yet. Damn. I guess that I’d better download it before I embarrass myself more by writing another word. Okay, i don’t disagree with the article as much as the song itself. Yes, the Internet is not as fun as it used to be. However, I’ve made some friendships on the internet that have been just as rewarding as anything in person. Better really, if you know Louise is my girlfriend, and everything we’re doing right now is to be in the same place together. (She’s almost certainly moving to the States, and even more is hoped.) One of my dearest friends is Valentina, who i’ve never met in person, and her friends and family’s welfare mean quite a lot to me. Those feelings are real. I doubt whether anyone would dispute that, or ho i feel about a lot of the friends on Raindogs either. However, I’m more connected to current events than i ever was. Politics? I know more about what’s going on behind the scenes than ever, and can do more about it in alerting others and writing officials, and being organizing. “Get off the Internet/ I’ll meet you in the streets”? I doubt it. Not only do i live in a rural area, to the point that i live at the end of a long gravel road, but in my experience of going to town, let alone to the city, no one speaks to me, as I don’t fit into their small cliques. Indie cred and incestuous weblogs are annoying online, but off the internet, I’m more of an outsider than Le Tigre could possibly comprehend. Yes, what does everyone propose we do next? Other than getting me off in the internet. Don’t be a Luddite. If it was not for the relationships I have right now, I could probably turn off my computer, walk into the woods, and never miss it. Lou and i would have a rough time organizing things in snail mail and phone but we could do it. However, who wants to take away the phone, because it destroyed the meaning of letters? The phone is not going away. Neither is the internet. Let’s use the damned thing.

I think Le Tigre is probably pissed off more than the average person about how much time people devote to the internet, because so few people go to shows anymore (at least around New Orleans.) They stay home and chat about albums. I’d be bitter too if I knew that i had avid fans that would rather sit home and download a bootlegged broadcast of the show than show up in person. “Destroy the Right Wing”? I’d love to. I pay attention to enough political action sites to attempt that online though. It almost sounds like someone bitching about how CDs are not as cool as vinyl LPs because they don’t have that warm crackle and need to be flipped. Or zines are only cool when they are done on a typewriter and a xerox machine. The song is not a proactive political statement. It’s the rant of a fetishist.

By the way, doesn’t the beat and keyboard riff remind anyone of Big Audio Dynamite? No, really! And it’s a little too long. Given the choice, I’d rather listen to Barcelona.

The funny thing is that I agree with this other Freaky Trigger article on politics in pop. It even applies to that Le Tigre track, as it seems more explicit than relying on unease.

It sounds like the new Spiritualized album is going to be more easy listening. So is that good or bad? that’s always what “luch” and “orchestral” seems to turn out to mean anyway. It bugs me that I still don’t recall hearing Lupine Howl yet.

Fellow Raindog Luke Martin’s piece on Tintin has me all nostalgic, not for Tintin, but just for that rush of mindblowing comics. I’m eager to read some Tintin too now, but i was thinking more of the Sandman comics that I’ve been reading on my breaks. Back in 1989, I was at the peak of comic collecting obsession, and the local shop closed down, not for lack of business, but other sinister reasons that I may never fathom. I even suspect they were making too mcuh money, putting the used bookstore it was housed in into a higher tax bracket. Anyway… I really liked Sandman, even though i was only able to acquire the first eight issues, but i don’t feel like writing about it today.

Sometimes I worry whether I’m too hard on rude, stupid, or insane customers. Our employees are frequently not much better. For example, just last night… A woman was asking an employee (let’s call him “George”… like Liberace’s brother) when the soundtrack “O Brother Where Art Thou?” came in, as she had been looking for it and we had been out of it recently. Instead of just saying, “I don’t know, ma’am” or better yet, a fib like, “This morning,” he stands there with his hands in his pockets, mumbles something, and shrugs. The woman was getting quite irritated, as she couldn’t get any answer out of him as he stood there with a dopey look, and his hands in his pockets. How one can fit that much arrogance and dopiness in so few gestures is beyond me! When she asked where some banjo music could be, he still just stood there, and whined, “I guess we might have some. I don’t know where it could be,” but then he just stood there, without moving a muscle other than what is required to shrug…. with his hands still in his fucking pockets!

I walked in briskly, and told the lady that we had some banjo comps in the bluegrass selection, led her to the section, and pulled a few out, and pointed to a few more. “George” slouched along after us, and then asked, “There’s probably some in folk too, huh?” I wanted to grab him and knock the teeth out of his head with the back of my hand right then. If he knew that to begin with, then he could have led her to the folk section. I left right then, as i could not contain myself if i stayed a moment longer.

This “George” seems to think he’s smarter than the average person, and that if he doesn’t like something outside of his narrow area, then it’s not worth bothering with. For a guy who reads Premiere to see what movies are coming out, so no one beats him to his screenplay ideas, he seemed clueless about “O Brother…” and indifferent that the lady wanted some help. He definitely turned his nose up at my rave-up gospel record later. It seems that he’s confident enough in his broad tastes of NOFX, Pennywise, Blink 182, Offspring, and Green Day that he does not have to be familiar with any other music. After all, he only works in the music department.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.20.01

I’m changing the photo again for awhile, because i want to play a certain fun game on another weblog.

Thermal imaging is indeed invasive, despite whatever the Supreme Court rules today. the analogy of seeing smoke coming out of a chimney as one passes a house, and assuming that there is a fire inside is a long stretch from taking a heat sensitive monitoring device and peering through the walls. Don’t forget that in this nine year old case, the police also previously checked the defendant’s electric bills to see that they were more than “normal”. What are the police keeping track of now? How far must technology advance? The only good news from this is that no police organizations have come forward to support the government’s case… because this is not really about the police anyway.

Dylan Turner has been writing to me for the past week or so, but as i was writing an email to him telling him what’s been going on the past few years, I was reformatting some of the older pages on this website. I noticed on the King Crimson one, i made him sound like a feebleminded goon, and I feel quite bad about that, as I don’t think that’s the tone that I was intending, nor is it who he is, even though he did get a little loopy about Rush sometimes. I’m sorry! The other thing is that some of the pages are missign huge portions of text, looking like they were never finished. I must have deleted some of the completed versions and kept the butchered ones. I cannot make up my mind whether to delete all of the pages or rewrite them, as I’m lazy. After all, Belle and Sebastian have disappointed me once too many times with Fold Your Hands Child…. they are no longer my favorite contemporary band. (Either Wilco or Super Furry Animals is, incidentally.) I do have plenty of Beatles comments though….

Anyway, I was listening to Julian Cope’s Droolian, with its sweetly demented tunes, instead of the damned news, and now am infecting myself with Wilco’s “Summerteeth” as I forgot that it was a pretty good Spring record for me. Am so eager for that new record, but am a little disappointed that their drummer quit to form something called Swag. Is he insane? That sounds like a bad cover band.

Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher 02.19.01

The dogwoods are blooming. I noticed Sunday morning, but there was no time to write Sunday, after work, and then incessant television watching mixed with absorbing bits and pieces of short stories. The dogwoods always remind me of a certain ghostly morning driving to grade school in the Subaru with my mother and Travis, and in the fog, there were these brilliantly glowing white clouds that werenot clouds. They turned into a surreal living fog, the beating heart of that morning, as the sun rose. The occasional pink dogwood just seemed some alien visitor from the faerie realm. Or the exhaust from a UFO… which would still be something i’d actually worry about.

I love the new Barnes and Noble stories at Kempa, but I’ve been forgetting to write down a lot of my own weird or irritating encounters from the past year and a half. Just the other day, I had a woman begin to mutter curses at me for not having the first Harry Potter book in hardcover. That’s no big deal, but it was because she thought i was trying to intimidate her into buying the insanely expensive collector’s edition, which is about $50 right now. When i expressed surprise that we ran out of the normal edition so quickly again, she just stared at me with the rawest, bleakest hate that she could muster. I checked the computer to see when the last one was sold, trying to figure out whether we had a box in the back that might not have been received. Instead, she went on this minutes long rant on how we were trying to “intimidate” her into buying the expensive version. I pointed out that the paperback was all over the place, but she spat that she wanted the hardcover. I offered to order the normal hardcover for her, but she just walked out, saying “Fuck you,” as she went, with children playing on the floor at her feet.

I’ve also had people come in looking for books in certain colors, and when i asked what class they are in, thinking that they are looking for a certain edition for that class, as sometimes i know what most students in a class are buying, only to be answered with, “Is it really any of your business? I just want one with a blue cover!” Yes, it was blue too. It must be a cult.

Only yesterday, a man was looking for the paperback of Clancy’s The Bear and the Dragon, but it’s not published yet. He asked repeated the question, and I goofily replied, “Yes, it hasn’t come out yet.” Huffily, he corrected my grammar with, “Yes, it has not…” Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer with, “Yes, but you are the one who wants to read a Tom Clancy book.”

One of my favorites was a woman who wanted a novel in three languages in a single volume, so that she could learn three languages as once. She swore that she saw one at the Metairie store before, and became quite irritated when we could turn nothing but bilingual books on the computer. When I fetched her a bilingual book, she became angry because not only was it only just two languages, but one of the languages was English! She explained that she already knew English. When i asked what three languages she wanted her trilingual book in, just out of curiosity, she said that she didn’t care, as long as it was three languages. It came out that she only knows English. Go ahead. I dare you to figure that one out. I only got rid of her by insisting that Metairie must have it, and we were only a poor, ignorant backwater Barnes and Noble.

I’m going to have to check my journals and old emails for more, as all of the events run together.

The Small Faces have been crying out to be played, so i have on the anthology, The Darlings of Wapping Wharf Launderette, but it’s really not a Monday night record. It should have been Sunday morning, but i was too busy listening to the damned news. The groovy, feel-good vibe fits in with a lovely Spring day. I guess those soul-inflected vocals has me thinking gospel too, but since i never went to church, that would be a weird reason for this feeling.