morning 06.14.16

I have nothing. The Orlando shooting itself hasn’t wrecked me. It’s a tragedy, but that’s not it. It’s the derangement of the aftermath that’s sucking all of the air in the room. It’s depressing enough with the Clinton versus Trump dynamic, but with one going for insane overt bigotry and the other opting for cautious liberal bigotry, it’s outright exhausting. Yes, let’s further cripple due process and ramp up bigoted profiling processes! September 12th, 2001 was awesome! I felt so… no, wait.

Now I recall. I didn’t trust the Bush administration and understood we were making terrible mistakes. Fuck Clinton. She’s learned absolutely nothing. She’s always been a hawk and always will be a hawk. She’s not evolved one bit. It’s not even worth calling that stooge Trump out. He’s her stalking horse, veering further right to make Clinton’s ugly agenda more palatable to easily spooked liberals.

Too many raging bigots are giving cover to “normal” people who feel compelled to support shitty policies. It’s all through social media. Exhausting.

midday 06.13.16

There is nothing much to say about the Orlando mass murder that hasn’t been said already. I’m against murder (surprise.) I’m against persecution of LGBT people. I’m against semi-automatic rifles in the hands of civilians. It’s horrifying. Meanwhile, the presidential election will be less about economic justice and brutal, hawkish foreign policy than it was before. So it goes. So many innocents murdered and there will be no justice. Their deaths will be used as a smokescreen for to avoid other ugly truths.

The Clinton voters are still scolding people who don’t like Hillary on Facebook. One especially long, rambling defense of her played a whatabout Petraeus?! Who gives a shit? It’s a different case. This reddit post has better analysis of what Clinton claims about her private email server versus what is in the IG report, sourced with relatively objective articles.

Plus, Petraeus belongs in prison. So does most of the Bush administration. Stop lowering the bar.

While I was sorting through the comics, I caught up on the second half of season 6 of Venture Bros. Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer took the show to yet higher levels. The references are perversely arcane. The Legion of Doom from Challenge of the Super Friends is Andy Warhol’s Factory:

  • Edie Meenie: Edie Sedgwick & Toyman/Bumblebee
  • Serpentine: Ondine & Copperhead
  • Ultra Violent: Ultra Violet & Star Sapphire
  • Billy Maim: Billy Name & Cheetah
  • Frigid – Brigid Berlin & Captain Cold
  • Gerard the Gorilla: Gerard Malanga & Gorilla Grodd
  • Hard Candy: Candy Darling & Bizarro
  • Trashenstein: Joe Dallesandro & Solomon Grundy
  • Wes Warhammer: Andy Warhol & Lex Luthor
  • Black Mariah: Black Manta, but I’ve no idea who the Factory equivalent is. Black Hole of the camera itself?

The Miller’s Crossing homage was brilliant, with riffs of Scorsese thrown in. The arcs thrown in across the season paced along nicely and meticulously referenced an absurd number of obscure lines and gags from earlier seasons. The show is dense with its references, both self-referential and various genres. It’s baffling that I know more people who save their praise for a relatively two-dimensional bro comedy like Archer.

This Paris Review piece “My Autobibliography” is nifty. I’ve pretty good notes for where most of my books came from, their histories and how they fit together in shaping me.

Vice talks to Alan Moore about Show Pieces, his screenplay for The Show, and his creative process. I’ll get to watching Show Pieces in the coming weeks.

Digging up grievances, Moore, Morrison & Supergods. I’ve read both Supergods and Lance Parkin’s biography of Alan Moore. While I love the work of both of them, Morrison’s been coming off more poorly for the past several years. Supergods put me off of reading Morrison interviews until now. I have no idea how he feels about how DC discarded many of the good ideas from New 52, to speed into a retread of the extreme ’90s. Muliversity is a magnificent superhero comic. Annihilation and Nameless were both interesting, but had a peculiar sour taste to them. Is Morrison feeling okay?


afternoon 06.11.16

Not only does Elijah have an inexplicable taste for Archers of Loaf. Kat does too, declaring, “You never played this for me before!” Odd.

My comics were late this week. Comic shop had all of their comics ruined by UPS from leaking water, except for a single dry comic… a rumpled copy of Aquaman. No Island #8 for me. Backordered. The guy at counter offhanded mentioned to me that there are only three people in town who have Injection on their pull list, me, himself, and some other guy. Baffling. I had mistaken impression it was a pretty popular comic. I plan to beg him for more insight on that later.

Despite the Marvel movies, Hammond is very much a DC town from what I see bought at my own bookstore, not that I care. I’m just grateful I have a friend I work with who loved David B’s Epileptic and Wrenchies, and now a new hire who is devoted to Saga, Sex Criminals, and Paper Girls.

BernieBro nonsense. Off top of my head, some diehard Bernie Sanders voters I know in real life locally:

  • Three lesbians in early 20s.
  • Two black women in early 20s.
  • One Hispanic male in late 20s.
  • Two black males in early 20s.

In addition, some of the most hardcore Bernie people I know are Baby Boomer women in a local Facebook group. They’re far more effective in the community pushing progressive reform in environment than my antisocial self could dream of being. The people they clash with the most in the group are straight white males supporting Clinton.

There is some serious erasure going on here.

morning 06.11.16

Good morning. Kat fixed the car situation. Finding a new job might be a little easier, as well as visiting friends. Time is still at a premium, but my old car’s range has been narrowing for years.

Aside from the very real reason transportation the new car is another salvation. I no longer have to be in silence or listen to NPR (an increasingly unpleasant option.) The old car’s CD broke ages ago, the iPod FM transmitter broke too, and every radio station I can pick up is garbage.

Some Pink Floyd reissues came into the bookstore on vinyl: The Piper at Gates of Dawn, Saucerful of Secrets, and More. Because I had some spare gift cards lying around, I bought the later two and stowed the first for later (as I have it on CD and another reason forthcoming.)  A proper copy of those two albums have never been handy. They’ve always been dubbed copies from a friend’s vinyl or mp3s that got tossed in a folder & ignored. For a couple of decades I’ve yawned and talked shit about anything after The Piper at Gates of Dawn. It was largely a kneejerk reaction to memories of an ex who played The Delicate Sound of Thunder too much and later a goofy fucker who annoyed me to no end about the genius of The Division Bell. It’s time to rectify that.

Swiped from Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Twitter feed:

Inline image 1

morning 06.09.16

I’m still chipping away at the Thomas Frank book page by page. It’s very hard to read while watching a toddler. There are paragraphs I’ve read six times in a row because i needed to put the book down, only to backtrack accidentally. That bit which points out that Obama has the ability to break up the banks today with existing laws, without any new legislation whatsoever, very much is echoing in my head. Awhile back, I didn’t care if Sanders could accomplish nothing. It was better than Clinton pushing through Grand Bargain bullshit that privatized social security or some other nasty idea. If Sanders had magically wrangled his way into the presidency and Frank is correct, real reform addressing the fatal flaws in our system revealed in 2008 could have been accomplished. Ugh. I’m more disappointed than before.

Head Lopper #4. Underrated comic. It felt that people forgot about it too often because it’s a quarterly. A friend at worked admitted as much to me yesterday. Andrew MacLean’s art is bold and fun. Thumbnail impression would be that it’s a cross between Hellboy and Adventure Time, but way more Scottish. It won’t be back until Spring 2017.

The Gadachrili Gora site in Georgia announced evidence of grape cultivation 6,000 BC. I absolutely believe the story, but it’s hard not to notice that the project is Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Excavations AKA G.R.A.P.E. – sponsored by the Georgian Wine Association and National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture. Kinda get the idea that the sponsors would be very disappointed if very early wine production evidence didn’t emerge.

Artifacts from Tristan de Luna’s landing in Pensacola, Florida have been found. This first Spanish settlement lasted from 1559 to 1561, then was abandoned because the stores of food were destroyed in a hurricane. The Spanish didn’t establish a permanent presence in the area until 1698. Tristán de Luna y Arellano.

FBI Admits Finding Additional Info On Clinton Server During Email Investigation. Remember that Clinton’s private email server was on same network as the Clinton Foundation. Guccifer seems to have hacked that server and he’s been extradicted to the U.S, striking a plea bargain for his agreement “…to testify truthfully and completely at any grand juries, trials or other proceedings.”

evening 06.06.16

A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it? Cedar Mesa. Proposed Bears Ears National Monument. Walter C. Lyman is a pernicious piece of garbage. The “legacy” of his land-thieving ancestors don’t mean shit. There is deep history here. No one needs to ride their silly motorbikes and ATVs there. They can walk it or ride horses. Fighting for the right to steal rock art and other artifact is just evil racist nonsense.

Bernie Sanders, the not-so-social Democrats and the not-so-democratic Socialists. Oh, for fuck’s sake.. An expatriate professional academic writes an abrasive piece scolding millennials and calling Sanders a fraud. This law professor doesn’t mention that his Lucy van Pelt is involved in a FBI investigation with evidence for potential charges for perjury, obstruction of justice, and gross negligence. He’s originally from Hammond, LA, BTW. (Betcha he went to Southwood Academy.) It’s cute how many people around here think they’re progressive just because they’re not for overtly teaching creationism or because they find lynching to be unseemly. You go on with your bad self, progressive son of the South! Party unity! I’m sooooo convinced by your persuasive rhetoric. Clinton has numerically won already. What’s with the hippy-punching, twerp?

I was mucking about on Reddit Indieheads to see Tigermilk is 20 years old. It fell down my memory hole that Pitchfork gave Tigermilk a 0.2. The reviewer is still around, still writing about music and other topics. It makes me happy to see he’s still at it. Being wrong about music (unlike politics) is not crime. Unless it’s that guy who dissed Julian Cope’s Interpreter. Fuck that asshole.

In trying to goad Elijah out of his musical rut, I’ve been playing anything to see what might stick. It was a little predictable that a toddler would fall for the Ramones. Only a few days of that begs a new path. He was intrigued by some piano sonatas by Mozart, but that also meant holding him up to watch the vinyl spin. Thankfully he’s been fascinated with Alan Lomax archival recordings. Othar Turner has been a temporary salvation.

YouTube Preview Image

evening 06.05.16

X-rays reveal 1,300-year-old writings inside later bookbindings. Fibbers! What they found is 12th century reproductions of the word of Bede. It’s only fragments, but something weird is boudn to turn up.

Hollywood’s Punks. Sara Jaffe reviews John Doe’s Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History of L.A. Punk. I share Jaffe’s prejudice. Aside from Crime, I never much warmed to West Coast punk. Every so often I run across a Screamer clip and know Los Angeles punk deserves exploration. For many years, I intended to read We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk then methodically digging back in. This new Doe book might be more my speed. The book review has already turned me onto a clip I haven’t seen in years, not understanding what it was. The Brat at Plaza de la Raza.

YouTube Preview Image

Nixonian palace guard now protects Hillary by Jonathan Turley. Doomed. We’re fucking doomed. Our only hope is if Clinton is forced out of nomination. At this point, I genuinely don’t care if if it’s my guy Sanders or Warren, Biden, Kaine, Booker, whoever. We cannot have Clinton versus Trump. Doom.

Damien posted this on Facebook. Elektrikus. I’d never heard of the band or its sole album, Electronic Mind Waves (1976). It seems to have been a solo project by Andrea Centazzo, although he doesn’t seem to claim it.

YouTube Preview Image

Italian krautrock indeed!

Today started at 3 AM. I’m barely functioning at this hour.

morning 06.04.16

Missing Y chromosome kept us apart from Neanderthals. I missed this one. “male fetuses conceived through sex with Neanderthal males would have miscarried.” Interesting.

Scott added some more books to his Interesting Books list. Oops. I forgot a new Jodorowsky book came out. I neglected to pick up the Orthofer book because I was broke, which shall be amended soon. (Not the brokeness.) More Aira. More Vila-Matas. I need to seize onto a few more authors. Perhaps make my own list.

Yiddish Language was Invented by Slavo-Iranian Jewish Merchants, Scientists Say. Northeastern Anatolia? Khazars!

Wold Newton family. I was reading a biography on Alan Moore biography a few weeks ago. Wold Newton came up in relation to his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’ve read Philip José Farmer: All of the Riverworld stuff when I was a teen then World of Tiers much, much later. Because World of Tiers was so underwhelming, I’m probably never going to explore those Tarzan and Doc Sampson biographies. It still figures into a lot of the plundering of public domain material that I’m partial to though.

Inside a consulting giant’s deep roots in Clinton land. Declan Kelly. Teneo. It might be nothing but his name might turn up later if the FBI investigation spills into the Clinton Foundation files that were stored on the same server that Hillary’s private email.

High status female found buried at Aspero archaeological site in Peru. 4,500 years ago. Caral civilization.

The puquios were a “sophisticated hydraulic system constructed to retrieve water from underground aquifers.” Corkscrew pits were used to funnel wind into underground tunnels to channel water in the Nasca area of Peru. That’s a sophisticated hydraulic system. 1,000 BC to 750 AD.

The Right Kind of Pain. Review of the Velvet Underground book by Richard Witts. The comparison and contrast with the Grateful Dead in the review particularly tickles me. It’s probably well established that the Grateful Dead do very little for me. American Beauty is the only album I’ve ever owned and I’ve too exasperated by Deadheads to listen to it again for about… oh, 25 years or so. Mark Greif is convincing me that perhaps I should cave in, if only to listen to the parallel evolution to the Velvets.

“They were hot and greasy.” Wow. I had no idea that the man who received pancakes from aliens who emerged from a flying saucer was interviewed on film. (Joe Simonton.)

YouTube Preview Image

morning 06.03.16

Looks Like We Were Wrong About the Origin of Dogs. Dogs domesticated twice, from two separate ancestor of modern wolves, in Europe and Asia.

The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, The Strangest Con In Rock History. Familiar story, but I’ve not read it in awhile and it’s a good version. Also, The Zombies – R.I.P.

Anthropologist follows trail of century-old hobo graffiti in Los Angeles. Oakland Red, the Tucson Kid and A-No. 1. I need to track down that documentary “Who Is Bozo Texino.”

YouTube Preview Image

Ancient Seafarers’ Tool Sites, Up to 12,000 Years Old, Discovered on California Island. Paleocoastal People, probable ancestors of the Chumash. ““Significantly, because nearly two-thirds of these islands have been submerged by rising post-glacial sea levels, we are looking at the proverbial tip of the iceberg.”

May 9th, 2016 Mercury transit of the Sun

YouTube Preview Image

morning 05.31.16

Mike Mignola: Why I’m ending Hellboy to go paint watercolors instead. Tomorrow I’ll buy the last Hellboy in Hell comic. I still don’t own most of the Hellboy run in floppies or trades, although I’ve read most of them. However, it’s one of my all-time favorites comics. There’s even a signed Mignola print on the wall, the only one I own. It’s easy to see why he wants to move on and he’s welcome to do it. A well-done completion to a story is better than one dragged out into perpetuity. It’s going to take years to acquire all of the Hellboy, BPRD, and assorted off-shoots anyway. The Joe Golem comic is pretty good, but it’s no Hellboy.

The Velvet Underground – IV. Brian Eno posted the link last night. The zip file had already been sitting in my hard drive for a few years. Plus, I already have all of the songs from a CD boxed set and bootlegs. Nonetheless, I don’t ever recall bothering to listen to these in this sequence. Quite a nice little album.

Neurons Constantly Rewrite Their DNA. “They use minor ‘DNA surgeries’ to toggle their activity levels all day, every day.”

Guardian piece on Indonesian literature. On Eka Kurniawan’s Man Tiger:

Man Tiger, with its main character possessed by the spirit of a white tiger, has elements that UK readers will most readily recognise from Latin American magical realism; indeed, it is common for Indonesian writers to be compared to Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez or even Italo Calvino.

I’ve grown snobby about García Márquez over the years and the Borges touchstone is clichè, but throw in Calvino? Yeah, This could work.

Villager dipped his fishing net in the river and caught a 4,000 year old pagan god. “Currently the theories are that the statuette belonged to the Okunev or Samus cultures.”

That alleged Neandertal “stone circle.” Bruniquel Cave, France. 176.5k year old. Arranged stalagmites.

YouTube Preview Image