Good luck getting Hillary to talk the talk

The cause of #BlackLivesMatters is worthy. It damned well does deserve to be in the national conversation and every debate needs to address the overwhelming racism of this nation.


The disruption of the Netroots Nation event that O’Malley and Sanders were speaking at was willfully stupid. Shutting down every Democratic debate only helps Hillary Clinton. The canard of Bill Clinton being the first black president is bullshit. Hillary is no friend of minorities. She’s a corporatist through and through. She doesn’t give a shit about any average citizen, let alone a minority citizen. Most of us realize that no matter how fun it is to root Bernie Sanders on, he’s almost certainly not going to be the Democratic candidate in the general election. The only chance we have of pushing Clinton further left, to deliver a few promises she might keep if she’s elected, is by having Sanders engage her in debate with his liberal populist rhetoric. Shutting down debate means marginalizing all of the non-corporate interests in the Democratic party. Hillary can continue her campaign to the media unharried by the squabbling Left. The actions of the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement makes me question their judgment. Fuck it. I don’t question them. They’re charlatans and opportunists. They get to call names. I do too. I honestly believe that the Clinton campaign is involved in this in some way. Patrisse Cullors and her allies are stooges, either willing or unknowing.

This morning I’m reading the mildly amusing #BernieSoBlack on Twitter. Many of the jokes I’ve seen are good enough, although quite a few are just rehashed Rachel Dolezal jokes or just flat out generic self-affirming racial identity statements. The ones that aren’t jokes are the ones that bother me. There seems to be genuine rage at white progressives from blacks, but where the fuck is this coming from? There are black people demanding what have progressives done lately for black people. Are these people remotely aware that the progressives aren’t in control of anything? Bernie Sanders is the first mainstream politician in memory to take the pejorative “socialist” and embrace it. Most of this nation’s conversation is between the Far Right and the Center Right. Sanders is actually Center Left.

Yeah, certain black people on Twitter. I’m an irritated white person. Chortle at that. I’ll still follow every story of every unarmed black person murdered by cops and talk to friends, family, and coworkers about the truth, but I’m pretty disgusted with the triumphant shortsighted pettiness of Black Twitter this morning.

When I see a significant public challenge to Hillary, only then will I take anyone who pretends leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter seriously again. Otherwise, it’s only plausible that they’ve taken some kind of payoff to damage her challengers.

Anyone who helps Hillary become president by discrediting or damaging significant criticism from the Left is no one I can trust.

Hiketty Piketty, Germany lays eggs for gentlemen

Nope, that title doesn’t make a bit of sense, but Elijah loves that nursery rhyme for unfathomable reasons.

Thomas Piketty calls out Germany on its bullshit:

“When I hear the Germans say that they maintain a very moral stance about debt and strongly believe that debts must be repaid, then I think: What a huge joke!”

I prefer to believe “a huge joke” translates as BULLSHIT.

He elaborates that Germany has been forgiven its debts, most recently in 1953, which is today’s dollars would be $62 billion. All of Germany’s current prosperity stems not from austerity, but from debt forgiveness. There is nothing moral about austerity.

Podemos statement in support of Greece

When it comes to money and finance, I’m a clueless shit. It’s not something that bothers me, as it’s designed that way. It’s a secret society designed to fleece ordinary citizens. Yesterday, I was baffled at the breathless, one-sided coverage on NPR in the car on the financial crisis in Greece. All I could remember was Greece was one of the countries that was screwed over most in the economic crash of 2008. Why is all of the coverage talking about Greek corruption and incompetence, casting the creditors as incredibly patient and compassionate? How does that work? I’d been following other news stories too closely and once at work, I was too busy to debunk the bullshit I’d been hearing. NPR always skews its reporting in the favor of banks, so I should have known the score instantly.1

Verso Books has a statement from Podemos standing in solidarity with Greece. Aha. I figured as much, but I greatly appreciate the story being broken down into concepts my brain understands, about democracy, not finance-speak gobbledegook.

Why the hell these munificent creditors are trying to squeeze blood from a stone, while the people who pillaged Greece in the first place are still working for the banks, collecting obscenely inflated bonuses, is absurd.


  1. The only exception to the incessant chatter of how austerity is the only sane path I heard was some human interest anecdotes, interviews with pensioners. []

words of Clementa C. Pinckney

YouTube Preview Image

In the 1960s, many churches were involved, many people were involved in the life of the community and in changing lives and in changing laws and helping people to live better in our area. In a nutshell, you can say that the African American church, and in particular South Carolina, has seen as its responsibility and its ministry and its calling to be fully integrated and caring about the lives of its constituents and the general community. We don’t see ourselves, or many of us don’t see ourselves, as just a place where we come and worship, but as a beacon and as a bearer of the culture and a bearer of what makes us a people. But I’d like to say that this is not necessarily unique to us, it’s really what America is all about. Could we not argue that America is about freedom, whether we live it out or not, but it really is about freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness. And that’s what church is all about. Freedom to worship and freedom from sin, freedom to be full what God intends us to be and have equality in the sight of God. And sometimes you got to make noise to do that. Sometimes you maybe have to die, like Denmark Vesey, to do that. Sometimes you have to march and struggle and be unpopular to do that.


There are many people who would say why would you as a preacher, why would you as a pastor be involved in public life and I’ve already said it but I’ll say it again: Our calling is not just within the walls of the congregation, but we are part of the life and community in which our congregation resides. And so many have made great strides and we have encouraged others to do so. And even now, even though you are here, we don’t like to see our church as a museum but as still a place of change and still a place where we can hopefully change and work on the hearts and minds and spirits of all people. And we hope you will find a kindred spirit here at Mother Emanuel.

Lifted from Metafilter.

Also, Cynthia G. Hurd. Librarian.

Sibel Edmonds’s allegation of Dennis Hastert

My Twitter feed has quieted down about Dennis Hastert already. It’s just another scandal of a Republican pedophile rapist.

However, it’s worth remembering Sibel Edmonds stated that she translated wiretaps in which Turkish targets boasted that Hastert took $50,000 to withdraw a resolution in which the U.S. would have recognized the Armenian genocide. But that’s not the odd bit in this interview with Democracy Now.

This is:

AMY GOODMAN: Sibel Edmonds, we contacted Congress member Hastert’s office, the Speaker of the House, as well as the Turkish embassy, for comment, they did not return our phone calls. But what are you alleging about the Speaker of the House?

SIBEL EDMONDS: As I said, Amy, I have been giving all the details to the appropriate channels. And they have been confirmed. And what I have said all along is the fact that as far as the 9/11 is concerned, September 11 is concerned, these departments — and when I say “these departments,” the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense — have intentionally blocked the investigations of real — the real criminals in this country. And we are talking about countries involved. The Vanity Fair article points out to Turkey — countries. And it’s very interesting. To this date, we are not hearing anything about targeting, you know, certain Central Asian countries. They are not speaking about the link between the narcotics and al Qaeda. Yes, we are hearing about them coming down on some charities as the real funds behind al Qaeda, but most of al Qaeda’s funding is not through these charity organizations. It’s through narcotics. And have you heard anything to this date, anything about these issues which we have had information since 1997? And as I would again emphasize, we are talking about countries. And they are blocking this information, and also the fact that certain officials in this country are engaged in treason against the United States and its interests and its national security, be it the Department of State or certain elected officials.

Remember she is under a gag order. Edmonds is being deliberately vague. Which Central Asia countries? Why is she bringing up narcotics and al Qaeda in answering about Hastert and Turkey?

This is the Vanity Fair article in question, “An Inconvenient Patriot” from September 2005.

Here’s an interview with Sibel Edmonds on So it seems she didn’t want to talk as much about Hastert at all, but focus on what was going on with people in the State Department selling nuclear secrets.

It doesn’t seem that anyone really wanted to go down the rabbit hole Edmonds uncovered. Hastert got away with this and a whole lot more most likely, because taking Edmonds seriously about Hastert’s corruption likely would mean her other allegations were equally serious.

But hey! It’s 2015 (a decade later) and they got that no good pedophile for illegal money structuring for making his blackmail payments! Great job!

Anonymous claims to have compromised ORCA election day

There is no doubt in my mind that Ohio was stolen with improperly tallied ballots in 2004. It wouldn’t have been a complete surprise to see Ohio mysteriously swap over to Romney during the night in 2012.

Now Anonymous claims to thwarted Rove’s efforts to steal Ohio for Romney by sabotaging ORCA (which was trumpeted as a secret weapon but turned out to be a dud.)

The truth? Eh… Anonymous’ claim appeals to my sense of the absurd and the underdog triumphing over the bully. If it pisses off the extreme rightwing too, good. Keep them so frothing mad in their delusions that they keep attacking shadows.

But this just turned up on New Directions’ Tumblr.

Point to Rove. Consider my head fucked with.

The rotten fruit of a surveillance state

This piece on the Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading in context of the Petraeus scandal is fun. I’m somewhat ambivalent as to how that mess should play out. Yes, public officials deserve personal lives that can be potentially just as messy and complicated as anyone else, but some freaks and monsters are wriggling out of the rot that make the Clinton-Lewinski scandal seem quaint.

I’m inclined to say let everyone involved burn, if only to scare the shit out of lawmakers who pass overreaching surveillance laws, thinking it only applies to evil spies, political enemies, and little people who don’t matter.

Good old Mother Jones has the best coverage as to how this silliness is unfolding.