The FBI is not particular about who it classifies as a terrorist

This terrorist watch list argument for denying people access to guns is dangerous. Guns aren’t anything I feel strongly about. Banning them seems reasonable and logical, but I have too many friends who are inordinately fond of their guns. The Second Amendment is archaic and misapplied, but so it goes. With the Democrats filibustering yesterday to expand that power to deny guns to people on the watchlist, it’s obvious who is really on that watchlist… not just a bunch of Al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives:

Are you opposed to fracking? Then you might just be a terrorist.

Activists cry foul over FBI probe.

Maryland Police Put Activists’ Names On Terror Lists.

The Six FBI Reports Treating Merton Center Anti-War Activism as Terrorism.

It’s not just about the ability to buy guns and the No-Fly List. What other rights can be suspended by being placed on a terror watch list for being against fracking? For being an antiwar activist? For being a socialist labor organizer? We know of the

There’s a disturbing pattern here and it’s not about about guarding innocent Americans from being murdered.

Sanders campaign pre post-mortem

There’s still dim hope that the truth about Clinton will unleash a torrent of charges that could have her pushed out of the nomination, but with Obama’s endorsement, I fear the fix might be in.

Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie. Matt Taibbi. Everything the Democrats are doing now is sowing the seeds for destruction in 2018. If they thought 2010 was a low turnout, 2018 will be a slaughter. Here’s a paragraph that hasn’t been quoted as often.

Nobody saw his campaign as an honest effort to restore power to voters, because nobody in the capital even knows what that is. In the rules of palace intrigue, Sanders only made sense as a kind of self-centered huckster who made a failed play for power. And the narrative will be that with him out of the picture, the crisis is over. No person, no problem.

This perception isn’t just the DC crowd. There are some good little Democrats who parrot this bullshit, clucking about Sanders’ narcissism, greed, and corruption. It’s just weird. When looking at it as generational contempt for millennials, it makes a lot more sense.  That’s how the white Baby Boomers were kept in line.

This Joshua Holland piece is tepid nonsense. Holland doubts the gospel of Thomas Frank and sniffles how Clinton “curbstomped” Sanders. Poor old Holland completely misses the fact that Clinton’s coalition is exactly who Frank names in Listen, Liberal. Well-educated nitwits like Amanda Marcotte1 are pouncing on the Holland piece in joy, eager to discredit the True Prophet Thomas Frank.

So does the Left need to rethink strategy? Nah, unless waiting for the Baby Boomers to die off is a strategy. Minorities are catching on. There are only so many pampered professionals that vote for liberalism. Time isn’t on their side.

By the way, I’m not a proponent of Sanders running as a third party candidate. My vote is for now going to Jill Stein. That’s only because Louisiana is almost certainly going to Trump. If Louisiana was a swing state, that probably wouldn’t be my choice.

  1. Finally bothered to look her up. Pandagon? Ugh. That was such yawn of a blog. Never could stomach it. It’s a surprise to see she’s so young. Her rigidity puts a curmudgeonly spin on her writing. []

dawn 06.07.16

Far too much political material stuff in this post, but it had to go somewhere. The toxins in these notes needed to be partitioned off from any other potential posts that get cobbled together this morning.

FBI offers second secret filing in Clinton email suit. This would make me think that the FBI is definitely going to recommend to indict someone at the end of their investigation. However, some folks are arguing persuasively that this could also mean absolutely nothing is going to happen, that the fix is in. Releasing any more information would only make Clinton look more guilty, so it’s time to be silent.

It’s amusing but kinda disgusting that the State Department is insisting it will take 75 years to deliver the emails of three Clinton’s aides to the RNC. Obviously is fishy stonewalling. I wouldn’t trust the RNC with that material for a moment, but it’s a damned FOIA request. Complying shouldn’t be optional. There’s something else going on here.

State Department Blocks Release Of Hillary Clinton-Era TPP Emails Until After The Election. This seems totally legit too, right? It’s politically motivated. TPP definitely needs to be part of the debate, although we should expect it’s a foregone conclusion. Trump is scum and probably a stooge, but agitating people about TPP is a good thing.

It’s crazy that Obama called Sanders on Sunday to speak for 45 minutes while Sanders stood on the side of the road. My sense was that Obama will endorse Clinton Wednesday morning, but the conversation lasted 45 minutes. Obama had to be negotiating Sanders dropping out of the race, unless something else odd is going on.

Trump Orders Surrogates to Intensify Criticism of Judge and Journalists. Trump ignores and overrides everyone in campaign and Republican party to press attacks on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s ancestry affecting his decisions on Trump University cases. Have I mentioned that Trump is Clinton’s stooge? Trump is Clinton’s stooge. Yeah, Trump is also an arrogant, thin-skinned bigot but he knows what he’s doing here. The man does not want to be president.

This piece on Trump’s love for the film Citizen Kane is great. For a creature that is so utterly banal, he’s a bizarre character. Even Trump’s “You’re fired!” tagline is probably lifted from Citizen Kane.

Pagliano must provide judge with terms of his FBI immunity deal

The judge in the Judicial Watch case on the Clinton private email server orders Pagliano to produce the terms of his immunity agreement. He’s determine the legal basis for his Fifth Amendment claim. This might determine whether the judge allows Clinton to be deposed. It also might mean that the FBI has to step in to prevent Pagliano from testifying because his immunity might not cover this. The FBI would prevent him only to keep certain details of their investigation being made public too early.

It was also pointed out that the longer this drags on, the less likely the DNC can parachute in another candidate to replace Clinton, thwarting Sanders.

Meanwhile, Harry Reid is pushing Elizabeth Warren as the VP pick. It’s a very chickenshit, possibly extralegal way to go about it too, weaseling out of ability of the Republican Massachusetts governor from picking her replacement. The theory that is was Reid, and not Clinton, who was behind the ratfucking mess that the second-tier of the Nevada caucuses was has even more credibility now. Warren’s by far a more palatable candidate than Clinton, but it says a lot about both Reid and Warren that they understand Clinton’s precarious hold on the nomination, yet work to exclude Sanders. If Warren ever winds up in the scenario of pardoning Clinton, she’s damned.

California: Why bother?

Things look like they’re going swimmingly with the FBI investigation.

Well, that’s true, unless the FBI gets a grand jury to subpoena her, right?

Meanwhile, Pagliano is taking the Fifth Amendment in the civil Judicial Watch deposition. The FBI has already given him immunity. He doesn’t have to say anything to anyone else. It’s strongly implying something illegal happened, if he’s invoking his right against self-incrimination.

Last week Guccifer changed his plea for a number of charges to guilty in exchange for his cooperation with the government. The details on which investigations he’s helping with are secret.

Meanwhile, Clinton ran to California to campaign hard. Why? She mathematically won weeks ago, right? All she has to do is wait for the convention for those superdelegates to push her over the top. She already has a significant lead in regular delegates.

These stories in context to what is known about when and how the private email server was set up, that the server was shutdown because of a hacker attack and the emails discussing them were not included in the ones Clinton turned over the FBI (and presumably recovered from elsewhere, and the hacker attack was not reported to the proper authorities, it’s looking a lot like Clinton could be indicted. Never mind the mishandling of classified documents or the even more damning scenario that Clinton’s State Department was coordinating with the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton knows what’s happening. She’s not even running for herself anymore. She’s doing her best to delegitimize any claim Sanders has on the nomination. Clinton is trying to build a last stand for the Democratic establishment to hold power. Whether it’s her VP pick or someone else parachuted in as an actual nominee at the convention, the Democratic establishment does not want Sanders.

I just reached the bit in Thomas Frank’s book that explains in just how lame Obama’s efforts to reform really were, how Obama has been pretending to have his hands tied for years. It’s obvious Obama is full of shit about his hands being tied, that he’s doing the best as humanly possibly with an obstructionist Congress. However years of listening to Tea Party extremists cause me to excuse Obama more than he deserves. Frank immediately jumps into how the antitrust laws are still on the books. There’s nothing Congress could have done to stop the executive branch from enforcing existing laws that are currently being ignored. It’s a truth I’ve known for years, but Frank’s words kicked me in the head about Sanders. Bernie really could walk into office and attempt to break up the banks without anyone else cooperating.

Clinton might be doomed, but she’s more concerned about Sanders disrupting business than Trump destroying the nation.

2016 presidential election 05.28.16

The 2016 presidential election baffles me. I keep most of my political bullshit on Twitter these days. It doesn’t warrant deeper discussion from me. Apparently I read more news than the average person, but I lack the wit and depth to write much with original insight. This is more a diary entry than a blog post, but my hands ache too badly this morning to write.

I was certain the Republicans were going to continue to resist Trump until the end, knowing that he’s a fraud. Now they’ve all knuckled under to fall in line behind him. There’s part of me that still suspects that there might be rule changes at the convention. Cruz, Romney, and Ryan all made too much noise about their plans to snatch the nomination away from Trump at the last minute. Trump outmaneuvered them at every turn.

Trump still seems like he could be a Clinton stooge to me anyway. He’s so cartoonishly foul and abrasive that it’s hard to accept that he’s doing anything other than stirring up the rabble, not trying to win an election. However, many of the locals have rallied to him. Originally Ben Carson was most popular around here, then Ted Cruz. It’s creepy now to hear people speak of Trump with reverence, eager to see him destroy Hillary. It’s a broad spectrum of white people, from professionals to underclass.

Hillary Clinton herself is easy to understand. She “won” weeks ago, probably before the New York primary. Not for a moment do I believe that she won fairly. Her margin of victory was inflated by purges of certain registered Democrats, closed and limited polling places in certain precincts, rampant abuse of absentee ballots, hacked voting machines, and other shenanigans. She truly did win most of the places that she won, but not by so great of margins. She did this to push her inevitability, nudging the later voters who need to vote for a winner against the terror of Trump.

What confuses me is Clinton’s hardcore supporters. The Bernie Bro meme is boring at this point. I get it. It’s a misdirect for hippypunching, slapping a young white misogynist male mask on anyone who finds Clinton’s policy and past repulsive. It’s this week that the State Department OIG report was leaked, confirming what many were able to infer from the sparse news on Clinton’s private email server. Allegedly sane adults are still ignoring that Clinton is in serious danger from what is now clearly a FBI investigation (not a security review.) A relatively sympathetic agency with less access to the full evidence as the FBI has written a report that suggests that Clinton could already be charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, and probably gross negligence. Still, Clinton’s supporters chant, Sanders has no path to victory and he needs to drop out.

Aside from that State Dept OIG report:

Isn’t it becoming clear that there is a very strong possibility that the FBI investigation is about a lot more than the mishandling of classified information?

If these Hillary supporters hate Sanders so much, fine. He has no conventional path to the nomination now. As as Sanders supporter I knew that weeks ago. However, sticking their fingers and shouting loudly about how arrogant and foolish Sanders is does not change that their candidate of preference is connected to an FBI investigation that could destroy her as a viable candidate. Sanders may never be president, but Hillary might not either.

An aside- The Democrat doofuses who hate Sanders most seem to be the same fucking sheep who buy into the myth that Nader is the reason Gore “lost.”

Another aside- Trump agreeing to debate Sanders, then backing out twice, while the media cycle was high on the growing implications of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private email server? A dumb blunder by Trump or a way to take heat off of Clinton?

how vulnerable was Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

Pretty damned vulnerable. Lifting from a comment on Reddit:

This is what has been confirmed so far:

This is now further demonstrated as a complete and total act of negligence based off this linked article from Judicial Watch which shows that in 2009, Cheryl Mills met with the NSA regarding acquiring a secure Blackberry:

In meeting with the NSA person today ([Redacted] NSA’s rep to DOS) – she indicated they could address our BB so that BB could work in the sciff [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] and be secure based upon some modifications that could be done to each BB (more below).

In other words, she was aware, to at least a certain degree, of requirements for properly implementing something like Exchange ActiveSync (mobile access to the e-mail server) and simply ignored them.

morning 04.08.16

DC said made rumblings they were going to relaunch Vertigo recently, but that seemed like a bad idea. Some of their current titles aren’t that bad. Now the flagship for what would have been the Vertigo relaunch is getting its own imprint, Young Animal. Good. This is a better plan. Giving Gerard Way his own little corner to riff off Grant Morrison is better than forcing anything that doesn’t that mold out of Vertigo.

HIV overcomes CRISPR gene-editing attack. Well, damn. This is disappointing. The researchers were only surprised by the speed HIV could do this though.

Maybe John Podesta is scum but this amuses me. Clinton campaign chair: ‘The American people can handle the truth’ on UFOs. Then again, I wouldn’t trust a Clinton to tell the truth about anything.