Bush administration also knew planes would be used in suicide attack

This Kurt Eichenwald op-ed about what the Bush administration knew prior to 9/11 is good but it leaves out a detail that has driven me crazy for 16 years. Remember this quote from Condi Rice on September 24, 2001:

I don’t think that anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon, that they would try to use an airplane as a missile

That’s a lie.

This is why that was a lie This was published September 26, 2001.

Two months before the attacks on New York and Washington, Osama bin Laden may have been contemplating an aerial attack against world leaders assembled in Genoa for a G8 summit.
Rumours that the terrorist suspect planned to pack an aircraft with explosives and launch it at the Ducal palace containing George Bush have been given weight by the president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak.

He said Islamist suicide pilots were originally intended to launch an attack on the Italian riviera.

“On June 13 of this year, we learned of a communique from Bin Laden saying he wanted to assassinate Mr Bush and other G8 heads of state during their summit in Italy. It was a well-known piece of in formation,” said President Mubarak.

On a state visit to Paris, the president told French media that Egypt’s intelligence services had intercepted plans for “an aeroplane stuffed with explosives” to plunge into Genoa. A warning was passed to the US, he said.

When they installed a missile defence system at Genoa’s airport in July and enforced a no-fly zone, the Italian authorities were derided, but now they feel vindicated.

After President Mubarak went public, Italy’s deputy prime minister, Gianfranco Fini, confirmed that his own intelligence services had briefed him about the threat. They were expecting a small civilian aircraft with the range to fly from dozens of European airports, not a passenger jet.

“Many people joked about the Italian intelligence force. But actually, they had information that in Genoa there was the hypothesis of an attack on the American president with the use of an aeroplane. That is why we closed the airspace above Genoa and installed anti-aircraft missiles. Those who joked should now reflect,” Mr Fini said.

In addition to President Bush and Vladimir Putin, the July 20-22 summit of the seven most industrialised countries plus Russia gathered the leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan.

Days before the summit the head of Mr Putin’s personal protection force, General Yevgeni Murov, told the Russian news agency Itar-Tass that the US and Russian presidents were at risk. “Bin Laden utters threats to the US president,” he was quoted as saying.

Italian media at the time also reported that Germany’s intelligence service had relayed to Rome notice of a Bin Laden plot. That prompted the former CIA chief, Vincent Cannistrano, to hypothesise about an attack at the time deemed fanciful: “It would be simple to put explosives in a toy plane and fly it into a room full of dignitaries.”

The Egyptian president told Le Figaro that his knowledge was based on a video made by Bin Laden on June 13. “It spoke of assassinating President Bush and other heads of state in Genoa. It was a question of an aeroplane stuffed with explosives. These precautions then had been taken.”

However, in a twist which casts doubt on President Mubarak, the New York Times reported that people who have viewed the tape said there was no reference to stuffing an aircraft with explosives or killing Mr Bush.

The British government was unable to confirm that there had been a threat to attack the Genoa summit.

But this information was published before that. I was paying attention to the G8 summit in Genoa because I fully intended to backpack Europe that summer. I was already in Cardiff, Wales when an abscessed tooth sidelined me. I’d intended to meet an old friend in Genoa and she was already in the protests there. I was paying a lot of attention to news of the place at the time. Bush stayed on the aircraft carrier USS Enterpise during that meeting because he was worried about threats against him. The Guardian still has a piece up dated from July 10th, 2001 taking about missiles, balloons, etc. to counter aerial incursions. That is absolutely not the behavior of anyone who isn’t thinking about an aerial attack. They knew how the attack on the USS Cole used suicide bombers. Any decent intelligence office would connect the threats of an aerial attack with a suicide attack.

They didn’t just know Osama bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S. They knew how he was likely to do it and took measures to protect Bush. Why they only used this intelligence to protect only Bush and his advsiors, I cannot presume to know, but the fact remains that they repeatedly lied about their ignorance of how planes used as missiles were a potential means of attack.

I realize this all makes me seem like a 9/11 Truther, but read those Guardian articles from 2001 again. Think of the USS Cole. Think of how they knew Osama bin Laden was determined to strike in the U.S.

The failure of the Bush administration to protect the United States on 9/11 is greater than the ordinary American is yet willing to understand. Their incompetence was monstrous.

Why do I bring this up again? Apparently Trump’s poll numbers are finally rising again because he dared to call out Jeb’s assertion that his brother kept America safe. I loathe Trump but I appreciate this truth being acknowledged. It’s not enough for me though. The vast scale of incompetence and mendacity has yet to measured. Let’s drag out all of the skeletons from the closet.

another contrast between Hillary and Bernie

Hillary Clinton meets with Kanye West and his “wife” at Jay-Z’s club, spending $15,000 of her campaign money in the process. Bernie Sanders quietly meets with Sandra Bland’s mother and fulfills his promise to her to say Sandra Bland’s name and demand justice for all in the first Democratic debate.


I know this comes off as holier-than-thou bullshit, but damn it… Just look at them. The Democratic party should be ashamed. This is exactly the vapid, elitist buffoonery that needs to end. Fuck the cult of celebrity.


Is this Hillary XP or Vista?

Oh, the “real” Hillary wants to come out to play, eh? The endless Benghazi circus might be a disgusting witchhunt, but some of these emails being dredged up tell us what we already know… she always has her eye on the next rung of the ladder of her career and she surrounds herself with sycophants.

To be honest, I might like her a bit better if she was more naked in her ambition and didn’t hide some of her dark sarcasm. The little bit that bleeds out in unguarded moments makes me grin occasionally.


a snapshot of Obama derangement

Fascism is surging.1 WDSU had an inaccurate story about Russian air strikes on ISIS. I posted a correction, stating Russia is hitting Syrian rebels backed by the American CIA. I’m no expert on the Syrian Civil War by a long shot, but the rabid manichaeistic cheering for the Russian “having the balls” to attack needed addressing. One guy sneered at the link to CNN and said he’d never believe CNN or American politicians. Too many people still kept cheering Putin for being a strong leader. Strong. Strength. It kept being mentioned. These are people in Louisiana… Americans. It gives me the creeps. They love that Putin makes Obama look ineffective in their eyes.

When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, not once did I root for Saddam Hussein. It never crossed my mind. I was against that war because it was against American interests and was a danger to stability in the Middle East. These people clearly don’t care a whit about what’s good for America or the world. They hate Obama so much they will support anything that undermines him. They hate Arabs so much that it doesn’t matter who or what they are fighting for or against. They want them all dead.

One guy started an argument with me about how Syria doesn’t want USA assistance anymore. I pointed out that we were not assisting Syria militarily in first place, but the rebels. He went off elsewhere in the thread to assert Assad was democratically elected and the U.S. doesn’t respect that. He kept talking about how Assad and Russia are the only ones fighting ISIS even though I proved that false earlier.

It felt weird. The psychology of these people is dangerous. They didn’t feel like bored trolls, but average people who believe sick things. They don’t care about the motivations of people as long as they seem strong and damage the people they hate. There are too many of them. It’s ill-advised to make an assessment about anything based on comment threads of any news story, but it means something. I have a feeling these are the same people who love Trump.

  1. Or call neoreactionism. That truly does seem more accurate. []

Hillary is Bush lite

This link to an article on propaganda in the American government has been sitting in draft because I didn’t quite know what to do with it. Some of the social media work they do I appreciate because I don’t believe many people grasp what the government does for them. How civic-minded of me! But then something like how Clinton had her staff push 60 Minutes to push back against Julian Assange. This is exactly what I don’t want the government doing.


Isn’t that use of “balance” in quotation marks just too precious? Fuck these mendacious assholes. This is the Bush administration all over again. From the private email server to the manipulation of journalists, it’s all too familiar.

Julian Assange on 60 Minutes (4 Aug 2013) from This Day in WikiLeaks on Vimeo.

Pope Francis gives a sly nod to Black Lives Matter

Catholicism isn’t my expertise. Thomas Merton was little more than the mystic who had an interest in Buddhism to me. It’s been pointed out that Pope Francis namechecking Thomas Merton is in part an homage to Black Lives Matter.

I’m trying to track down an excerpt from a piece Merton wrote in 1963 about the March on Washington that the journalist Ryan J. Reilly posted as images, as it’s eerily reminiscent of discussions I’ve seen in the past year concerning white liberals.

Tangentially, yesterday a very pleasant man approached me about supporting a future local event showing support for firefighters, police, and soldiers. I was rolling with it, as everything he said up to a point was perfectly reasonable. I have a patriotic streak, but remained cautious. He then pivoted to approaching people in his old military uniform because if he wore his old police uniform that people would spit on him as he walked down the sidewalk. His eyes were welling up in tears. He sincerely believed that nonsense. He rambled on about the children of all of the dead cops and how they no longer had fathers. It was crystal clear that he sincerely believed the myth that there is a war against police and the death toll is vast. As a representative of my company, I kept my mouth shut and steered him back to the event. Even if I had the time and opportunity to question this man about his persecution complex, it would have solved nothing.

DEA propaganda

The new Netflix series Narcos and fascism. Ouch. He’s convinced me. I hope this doesn’t spoil the rest of the drama. Obviously, it’s not a documentary, but the truth laid bare is grating.

I am only two episodes into the series and was enjoying it. The heavy subtitles made it something to watch more attentively than most shows or I would be further along. I was already a little suspicious how the CIA has yet to make an appearance, but the DEA has. The street prices getting thrown around confidently came off as hyperbole already. Now the allowances I made for storytelling all seem to be sinister manipulation. Damn it.

Charlie Brooker says Black Mirror wasn’t hinting

He insists he would have screamed that Cameron fucked the head of a dead pig into traffic on the streets. Once again, Black Mirror is spookily precognitive.

Meanwhile, Cameron issued a stupid nondenial, pretending he’s not acknowledging that he did indeed put his penis in the severed head of a roasted pig. I feel awkward about the matter. It looks like his own party is ousting him to install a yet more odious creep to execute a more draconian conservative agenda. However, I loathe him and it’s especially funny after how Corbyn was trashed for some very frivolous things. To be honest, I don’t much care where he’s put his penis,  as long as he’s not hurting anyone else.


Donald Trump: American Psycho

I had no idea that Trump’s favorite band is U2. Of course it is. Trump: American Psycho.

This paragraph rounds counter to everything else:

Bateman recognizes the utter meaninglessness of his crimes as transgressive, that “there are no more barriers to cross.” As he puts it “there is no catharsis, my punishment continues to elude me and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself.”

Obviously there is no self-reflection in Trump. It’s all predator satiation.

I watched two-thirds of the CNN Republican debate the other night. It feels weird to say that I miss Romney. Kasich doesn’t sound completely evil and/or insane. Rand Paul is scum but made sense talking about the danger of needless wars and the war on drugs. It very much weirded me out to have Trump solidly wave off Carson’s attack on the progressive income tax and say it’s not socialist.1 So much outright lying otherwise…

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  1. But so what if it was? []