Clinton deliberately ignored the NSA

Hillary Clinton repeatedly requested a secure Blackberry-like device from the NSA and was denied because it was cost prohibitive. Clinton found the use of a laptop or desktop inconvenient. The only person in the Obama administration using a device like she wanted was Obama himself. Essentially Clinton knew exactly what she was doing, ignoring the NSA in ordering her own private email server by someone without the credentials or ability to do so.

Marcy Wheeler thinks this case will avoid Clinton, but with charges being recommended for Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff. Wheeler was by far my most trusted source of news during the Valerie Plame story.

Another angle seems to be the possibility of JWICS and SIPRNet material finding its way into emails passing through Clinton’s private email server. It might just be conspiracy theory nonsense, but there’s been discussion of this on Reddit, by turd-polish among others. Intelligence originating from JWICS and SIPRNet is air gapped (physically isolated) from other networks. Someone would have to copy or summarize the information physically. In addition to the investigation matching photos of Hillary looking at her Blackberry at certain times, there are rumors of matching video footage of when certain members of her staff entering facilities where these air gapped terminals are. It’s possibly fringe partisan speculation, but worth noting.

It’s okay. It’s the inanimate object under investigation.

Nominating a Presidential Candidate Under Active FBI Investigation Is An Incredibly Risky Gamble. Yep, that’s what I’ve been saying, although not as eloquently or persuasively. Even if Clinton is cleared of every possible charge, enough is known about the case in context with similar cases to cement the knowledge that certain people are above the law. That’s a healthy democracy, eh?

In my opinion, the possibility of Clinton having charges recommended against her by the FBI is one of the two reasons why Sanders is refusing to drop out of the race. Sanders refusing to get drawn into the email server, to let the FBI handle the matter, was the only way to staying out of that morass.

(The other reason is to keep her from swinging too far right in her angling for the general election. Clinton’s probable plan to abandon the left portion of the Democratic party to angle for moderate Bush voters is poor planning.)

Hillary might also have a NSA problem. The author of the piece has an unsavory history, with unsolicited dick pics, boasting, and a creepy love for domestic surveillance, but his arguments about Sidney Blumenthal having access to probable NSA intelligence on Sudan within 24 hours of specific events is persuasive.

Emails show NSA rejected Hillary Clinton’s request for secure smartphone

Drip drip drip.

Hillary knew what she was doing with her private email server and Blackberry was against the rules. The NSA refused to let her have what she wanted so she did it anyway. Pagliano was merely a campaign staffer, not network security expert with any kind of clearance. She didn’t care about security protocols. She just wanted her Blackberry. Reckless. Lawless. Arrogant. Dangerous.

It’s not just if she sent some classified documents improperly or whatever contortion she’s pushing this week based on the latest revelation on what was sent. Hillary Clinton knew she was forbidden altogether from a private email server in connection with a Blackberry. She just wanted her convenience. Love or hate the NSA, I suspect they know better than Hillary Clinton whether the arrangement she wanted was secure. Did she misunderstand what the NSA told her?

“We began examining options for (Secretary Clinton) with respect to secure ‘BlackBerry-like’ communications,” wrote Donald R. Reid, the department’s assistant director for security infrastructure. “The current state of the art is not too user friendly, has no infrastructure at State, and is very expensive.”

Reid wrote that each time they asked the NSA what solution they had worked up to provide a mobile device to Obama, “we were politely told to shut up and color.”

Resolving the issue was given such priority as to result in a face-to-face meeting between Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills, seven senior State Department staffers with five NSA security experts. According to a summary of the meeting, the request was driven by Clinton’s reliance on her BlackBerry for email and keeping track of her calendar. Clinton chose not to use a laptop or desktop computer that could have provided her access to email in her office, according to the summary.

I’d say- No. Hillary understood. Even the set-up she wanted officially through the State Department wasn’t feasible.

This is from the Judicial Watch FOIA fishing expedition, not from the FBI. The FBI definitely knows about it though This is almost certainly why Pagliano has been given immunity.

more of Clinton’s foreign policy “experience”

Vallejo Nocturno has a post loaded with links on Hillary Clinton’s other massive foreign policy failure, Honduras. Remember all of the child refugees crossing the borders a couple of years ago? That was a direct fallout of a the 2009 coup that Clinton supported.

Agents of the current government are now murdering indigenous leaders who stand in the way of the neoliberal agenda, which in terms of foreign policy is just outsourced colonialism. Activist Berta Cáceres was assassinated this week for her opposition to a hydroelectric dam, illegal logging, and land theft.

Justice Department grants immunity to Clinton’s former IT aide in private email server investigation

Last night the new came out that a former Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano, her IT guy, took immunity in cooperation with the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private email server. I have no idea what to make of it. Obviously, this is bad for Clinton, which I love, but why now? Why did this happen the day after Super Tuesday? Why did the State Department release the last of the emails the night before Super Tuesday? It’s implausible that the investigation is not tied to the election cycle.

Meanwhile, a federal judge ruled that Judicial Watch can proceed with its fishing expedition deposing Clinton staffers. That’s another whole mess which is likely just partisan bullshit. However, they might turn up real dirt.

Throwing up a few links that I believe could be related to this mess because looking for the links in emails I’ve sent to Bill is tedious:

“I am not a superpredator”

YouTube Preview Image

Ashley Williams, you’re awesome. The friend who filmed this too, because seeing the moment added so much more. It was a $500 plate event in what looks very much like an antebellum mansion, attended by what seems to be entirely white people.

Charleston, South Carolina. February 24th, 2016.

This was Clinton’s audience.


Clinton has to be lying in stating no one has ever asked her about her superpredator nonsense.

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