Hillary going negative on Sanders

It was bound to happen, as this is Clinton’s way. She’s trying to tie him to Hugo Chavez through the SuperPAC run by David Brock, Correct the Record. What else would one expect from a former WalMart lawyer?

Let’s not forget that she inferred that Assad was a reformer in Syria, then hiding behind weasel words that it was other people stating that and she was merely repeating what was told to her, or how she declared that Mubarak’s regime in Egypt was stable. Clinton has feet of clay. I’d resign to back her against one of the Strangelovian Republicans, but she’d better watch herself sniping to the candidates to the left of her.

Citing The Song of Roland, eh?

The lunatic gets a couple of points for that. Is that epic a common dog whistle in the radical right and I just missed it or is he being slightly innovative? It’s so obvious that I’m kicking myself. West Point scholar forced to resign for positing a coup against the sinister forces of CLOACA. Yeah, that CLOACA acronym is a dandy too.

Pretty scary really. The only reason why he was busted is probably because he was a bit too grandiose. There are probably equally seditious assholes who are not publishing outlandish papers.

Campaign Zero


Some Black Lives Matter activists have put forth a reasonable, coherent,  and achievable platform, Campaign Zero.

More on Mashable.

Anyone who thinks these reforms are outlandish is at the very least a contrarian asshole, and very likely, a bigot and a fascist. It’s a cool move that they have check sheets to match current presidential candidates to their agenda.

However,  I did look at the comments on Mashable. One person was calling them out on being inaccurate on Rand Paul’s stance on the demilitarization of the police. As much as I loathe Paul, it seems that commenter is right. Hm. At least Campaign Zero invites clarifications and corrections. That commenter should reach out in earnest to them.

Eno for President

People are falling over themselves interpreting Obama’s summer reading list.

  • “All That Is,” James Salter
  • “All The Light We Cannot See,” Anthony Doerr
  • “The Sixth Extinction,” Elizabeth Kolbert
  • “The Lowland,” Jhumpa Lahiri
  • “Between the World and Me,” Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • “Washington: A Life,” Ron Chernow

Meh. Triple meh on that Salter. I started the Coates book1 while on break at work the other night but I’ve wound up checking out Morrison/Irving’s Annihilator for my day off because I’m a shithead.

But what if Brian Eno was President? What if this reading list dictated policy? I’d love to see these books shape a presidency, steered by Oblique Strategies. Maybe those jazz robots can replicate this for us.

  1. It and the Kolbert are the only ones that have interested me. []

this stunt is already tiresome

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I will say that the Seattle Lives left out a crucial piece of information about the moment of silence that the Black Lives Matter protesters demanded when disrupting the Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle. This weekend is the anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by the cop Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Politico has better details.1

I reiterate. These people are trolls for Hillary. I pop on Twitter and see quite a few operatives talking shit about white progressives and Bernie Sanders all day long. The funny thing about that is the unarmed black male Christian Taylor was murdered last night by a rookie cop less than two seconds after he spotted him in a car dealership. Quite a few black activists are trying to get the truth out. However, a significant number of self-proclaimed Black Lives Matter operatives on Twitter obsessing on Bernie Sanders ain’t said shit about Christian Taylor. Why is that?

They don’t give a fuck about actual black lives. Certain people are agitating against the left wing of the Democratic Party because they have been promised a slice of the pie under the table when Hillary clinches the nomination. Sell-outs.

YouTube Preview Image

Does this look like a speech from someone who wants to educate or someone picking a fight?

Black Lives Matter keeps insisting that it’s the largest grassroots movement in America now. The protesters in Seattle today said it was birthed in Ferguson. Funny. I thought that they started in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin, because white progressives, liberals, whatever don’t care about black people. Except for when Occupy Wall Street marched against New York City’s stop and frisk policy in 2011. That clearly doesn’t count. Anyway, about Black Lives Matter being the largest grassroots movement in the nation. Are they so sure about that? They are aware that less than 14% of the American population is black, right? Do the words confirmation bias mean anything to them? You may owe white progressives nothing but they are deluded to their own numbers and power. Some heap scorn upon white liberals who dare question their methods, telling them that they are not needed and as bad as any racist that has ever lived. This abusive behavior will not change most people who truly believe in their cause, but I know personally that it hurts. These jackasses love that. Any armchair psychiatrist can diagnose that the abused becomes the abuser and will lash out at anyone who helps.

Thankfully, this time I still see people who care enough not to play games muddying the Democratic primaries and are still shining the light on innocent people being murdered by cops.

  1. which I hate linking to []

Sanders as Mensch?

From back in April, but new to me– an article on Bernie Sanders by Matt Taibbi.

Nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but it does seem to underline the fact (as Ann Coulter and others on the opposite end of the bought-unbought spectrum have independently attested) that Sanders actually believes the shit he’s saying, and for that reason alone he is worth seeing on a debate stage next to Hillary.

As always, we get the government we deserve, but (and here I may be naive) if folks were given a choice…if it were so crystal clear that one candidate operated as human person and one as an apparatchik …