The smartest comic in 33 years, eh?

This man loves Multiversity. He’s not wrong. There were individual issues I adored. I’m eager to read the whole thing start to finish again.

The thing is… I like Seven Soldiers of Victory better. That probably makes me a Philistine. Multiversity had more meta commentary on the current state of comics and their history,  but when it came to independent but interlocking wheels of a story machine, that one still has a strong connection to my memory.   If someone asked me, I’d name check the Invisibles, Doom Patrol, or Animal Man first, but it’s Seven Soldiers of Victory that has paid off as just an intricate comic book plot for me.

And that’s just Morrison comics. The smartest comic in the past three decades? That’s a mystery.

It could not have gone otherwise…

In an interview with Jan Brachmann, Liv Ullman recounts how she organised a meeting between Woody Allen and Ingmar Bergman while she was in New York playing Nora and Bergman was also in town. “Woody Allen is completely different in real life. He turned up in a limousine driven by a white-gloved chauffeur. He entered Ingmar’s room, where I introduced them, and said nothing! Two geniuses who could do nothing but stare at one another in silent amazement. They sat down to eat, Ingmar ordered meatballs, Woody Allen ordered meatballs. He copied everything Ingmar did. Neither of them said a word. On the way home in his limousine, Woody Allen suddenly grabbed my arm and sighed: ‘Thank you, Liv!’ As soon as I got home I call a call from Ingmar: ‘Thank you, Liv!'”

Here,  full article in German.