morning 05.18.17

Keeping up with the Trump mess is impossible without being glued to Twitter. This morning, I’m against impeachment, if only because accelerationism seems the best way out of this morass. Let the Republicans stand by their leader. Let them all drown in this ocean of shit. Let the Democrats be the party of the right and organize an opposition from the left. The folks who have been saying this for years have convinced me. It’s a fucking fantasy, but so is pretending that Pence will restore the integrity of the nation and be a fair and just leader. We are so fucked.

Chris Cornell. Facebook is going to be a mess today. I genuinely hated his voice, although “Black Hole Sun” is a pretty good song that I never ever need to hear again.1 Cornell inspired some of the most dreadful music of the ’90s & hearing some of those songs again is cringe-inducing. When grunge began to blow up, I admittedly threw myself into it. Thankfully that didn’t do any lasting damage to me, but the rest of the decade was a wasteland of po-faced, turgid yowling for mainstream America.

For over twenty-five years I’ve been haunted by a crudely drawn comic strip in a zine out of New Orleans depicting the video of Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike”. Everything time I’m reminded of Cornell, that half-remembered joke someone probably scrawled out in 5 minutes pops into my head for another moment of amusement.


  1. Kim Thayil’s guitar was only aspect of Soundgarden I was into. I was still breaking myself of the metal habit leftover from the ’80s. []

morning 11.22.16

Trump isn’t subtle about his use of the presidency to negotiate for his business interests. The article covers Japan, India, and Argentina, and doesn’t even touch Trump’s new effort to stop wind turbines near his golf course in Scotland. The liberals who keep huffing about Hillary would never have done such things cannot get it through their skulls that these business dealings are essentially what the Clinton Foundation laundered. Trump is just lazy and crass, not to be bothered with the obfuscation that previous administrations used.

Trump called a bunch of television executives and anchors into a meeting yesterday, only to spend 20 minutes spewing about how unfairly they have treated him. For the moment, all of these people are bristling in rage at Trump’s audacity, but knowing what a bunch of simpering assholes they really are, they’ll be discarding that anger to gain access, instead of moving to a truly adversarial relationship (which would be healthier.) The press should have had a properly adversarial relationship with Hillary too, or that rotten corpse wouldn’t have been propped up for so long. This morning Trump is fucking around with the New York Times, pretending that they are reneging on terms of a meeting.

McCain and Graham plan to fight Trump’s Russia thaw. Hm. We’ll see. All of those Deep State assholes want that war with Russia, be it through Syria or Ukraine. It’ll be weird to see how that goes. It’ll be very fucking sad if this is what it takes to block Trump and not a more important fight, like putting a stop to the plans to privatize Medicare and Social Security. Then again, Hillary almost certainly was going to pull some “entitlement reform” bullshit out too and too many Democrats are bellicose about Russia.

EmDrive paper passes peer review. It’s still unclear how it actually works. It just produces thrust. “…a lightweight engine could one day send a spacecraft to Mars in just 70 days.”

Code hidden in Stone Age art may be the root of human writing. Genevieve von Petzinger again. 32 symbols. Her research pops up every so often. It’ll be cool to see a breakthrough.


Borges and Ferrari, round 2

Excerpt from the second volume of conversations between Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari.  He’s rambling about heroic writers atypical to their nations and encyclopedias. Of course.

Whoops- I don’t own the first volume. Did I even know about it? Maybe if I’d kept the blog going last year, I’d know. Bill had to have told me. He mentioned Seagull Books again to me just the weekend. My mind is going.

One of my employees was giddily explaining the Arabian Nights to me earlier. That was pleasant. Our bookstore doesn’t have a copy in inventory, but I knew where a stack of an abridged translation of Burton was hidden in the bargain section. Then I remembered that I never checked out the Lyons translation. It’s now in paperback for $20 apiece in three volumes. Perhaps that will wait a long time from now.

The smartest comic in 33 years, eh?

This man loves Multiversity. He’s not wrong. There were individual issues I adored. I’m eager to read the whole thing start to finish again.

The thing is… I like Seven Soldiers of Victory better. That probably makes me a Philistine. Multiversity had more meta commentary on the current state of comics and their history,  but when it came to independent but interlocking wheels of a story machine, that one still has a strong connection to my memory.   If someone asked me, I’d name check the Invisibles, Doom Patrol, or Animal Man first, but it’s Seven Soldiers of Victory that has paid off as just an intricate comic book plot for me.

And that’s just Morrison comics. The smartest comic in the past three decades? That’s a mystery.