reading 02.03.16

I’ve not been reading shit.

I checked out Lofgren’s The Deep State from the bookstore, but the series of crises in past two weeks kept me from digging into it.

Comic books. I’ve read stacks of them, but am migrating away from Marvel. The post Secret Wars relaunch isn’t bad. Vision and the Ultimates are fun. I’m just not engaged in that genre like I was last year. The new status quo of the X-Men1 sucks, but that’s not the deal breaker.

Most of my pulls are still Image titles, as well as a few Mignolaverse titles from Dark Horse, The Spire on Boom! and Warren Ellis’ James Bond.

The backlog keeps growing. Novels…. I don’t even want to think about that tonight.

  1. My first dive into comics was into X-Men so I remain nostalgic about their titles. []

American presidential politics as pro-wrestling

This is the presidential race as I’ve been observing it for the past several months. Some of this I can document on Twitter & emails to Bill. My poor wife has listened to me spin these theories with a patient but pained smile as she couldn’t give a fuck. I should have been posting some of these deranged theories on the blog all along.

My original theory with the Republican nomination was that Trump has no intention of being president. This is a some brand-building stunt that went too far and he didn’t know how to bow out gracefully. Many of the insane proposals and actions were attempts to crash his own campaign, then blaming whatever it was on sinister external forces. He didn’t want the job of president, just the attention and the ability to control the narrative. His long-running alliance with Ted Cruz seemed to tip his hand, with Trump passing off the torch to him when he was done, making Trump kingmaker in his own head.

Jeb Bush focusing narrowly on destroying Marco Rubio made me think this was another twisted game. Yes, spite drives Bush- jealous of the Florida upstart- but the Bushs and Clintons are not exactly mortal enemies. The Bush family is eager to spike the Republican establishment candidates because Clinton presidency stymies chances of another rival on the Republican side consolidating power. Jeb destroying Rubio keeps path clear for future generations of Bushs to White House.1 It’s not about Democrats versus Republicans, but rival houses jockeying for position in the oligarchy.

Another angle to my crazy theory developed in the past couple of months. Trump was paving way for Cruz because Clinton can easily beat Cruz in the general election. Trump has a history with the Clintons. Some of the oligarchy wants Rubio, but Clinton (and the Bushs) don’t want to give them that option. Another angle to Trump staying in was sucking up the oxygen about the anti-establishment narrative. The mainstream media could continue to make facile comparisons between Trump and Sanders being anti-establishment. The less Sanders is discussed, the better it is for Clinton.

Cruz is a legitimate outsider, an ugly freak no one in the establishment wants. He’s the desire of the Tea Party made flesh. He wants the Oval Office now and he’s not playing by the secrets rules of the oligarchy. I’ve met more passionate Cruz supporters in person by far than strong Trump supporters, who mostly seem to be internet trolls.

Ben Carson is an outsider too, but like Huckabee… he’s just in it to sell some books and cash in. He confounded me when he was on the rise for awhile.

A few weeks ago, I temporarily discarded my Trump/Cruz theory, when Trump began attacking Cruz in Iowa. Did he decide he’d be a better Judas goat? He played the same birther card on Cruz that he’d been using on Obama, since Hillary’s people first played in back in 2008. After Trump called in Sarah Palin and Joe Arpaio, I should have realized he was still trying to spike his campaign. No one would be that stupid.2 I expect he’ll be savaging Cruz a lot more in the coming weeks, so that Clinton can wrap up that angle better later, trying to avoid getting her hands too dirty.

It’s not a stable conspiracy. While actors in this kabuki know and play their roles, they are still vying to fuck over the others to flip the script.

My man is Bernie Sanders and always has been. I didn’t think he was seriously attempting to win until late last summer, just forcing Clinton to address certain issues that she’d ignore in favor of spooking the Democratic electorate with the possibility of a Republican picking Supreme Court judges. Hillary won’t do a damned thing more for the middle class than she has to do to win. She doesn’t want to promise anything substantial to the dirty proles, only to have them expect her to do something other than amass more power and wealth for her allies.

  1. It’s worth nothing that the Bushs are not in control of their faction. They’re just the brand name. []
  2. Well, Ben Carson is. []

minor interruption

Family stuff. Medical. All’s well.

I’ve been faffing about on Twitter, as it’s easy to click a few things to repost there.

It’s tempting to post political things publicly again. There’s been a lot I’ve been right about that would be amusing to keep track of, as well as some weird tangents that I’ve been wrong about.

more on Bowie loving music

A few months ago, I was on a Harmonia and Cluster binge, so it’s good to see someone take the momentum of mourning David Bowie to praise the art he loves. An article in the New Yorker pivots his praise of Harmonia’s work to explore the recent reissue of their albums.

Here’s the German tv interview the article points to in which Bowie praises his favorite Krautrock.

YouTube Preview Image

Brian Eno recently posted on Twitter a link to this 2013 piece of 25 vinyl records Bowie had for which particular fondness. It was a surprise to see Daevid Allen on there. Bananamoon is not an album I listen to as much as I should. (When I listen to Daevid Allen, Good Morning and Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life are my go-to albums.) Bowie was so damned eclectic and tasteful. I need to listen to Steve Reich more. I stumbled onto him before and lost that thread. A large portion of the list is underplayed or unknown gems for me.