failing at solidarity

The bundle of links for a single post is getting stale.

Yesterday a liberal explained to me that the Gay Pride Israeli flag was in fact, not an Israeli flag because it has a rainbow on it. He had posted a long screed on antisemitism in the Chicago Pride Parade, completely mystified why it would be an issue. I privately sent him a link to how Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants. He pretty much dismissed that, to send a pedantic about how he had examined the flags at length, that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I should have had him explain the Kekistan flag to me, but instead I simply blocked him after he told me that he was concerned the occupation of Palestine before I knew where it was on the map. Yep. I got mad.

I’m still mad honestly. I’ve never hated or disliked the guy and I still don’t. He’s a goodhearted liberal who truly wants the world to be a better place for everyone. He actually wanted to “discuss” the issue more, but I’m too arrogant to believe that anything more could be discussed in good faith. If I didn’t block him, I’d be obsessed with attempting to one-up him on every socio-political post he made. No one engages with his posts on Facebook. What would be the point? He has no idea who I ever was and my original connection with him was through the local music scene, in which he constantly hustled as the manager for a knock-off 311, skater funk-punk band. The music was fucking terrible, but his relentless cheerfulness earned him goodwill. I don’t recall him being the slightest bit political, but I had disengaged from that world by 1994 too. By that time I was absorbed in depression and music.1

Anyway, I’m as mad at how I was perceived in 1994 as I am at dim-witted liberals who fall for the propaganda of an apartheid state. I failed and will continue to fail. No solidarity was built. No ideas were exchanged. No lessons were learned.

  1. And zines. Oops. However, my own zines had no circulation at all in Hammond. []

morning 06.27.17

White House Says Syria May Be Preparing Another Chemical Attack, Warns Assad Will “Pay A Heavy Price”. Ugh. Here we go again. Better yet, CENTCOM told Buzzfeed that they have no idea what Trump is talking about.

AP Explains: Who is Salahuddin, rebel named terrorist by US? Entangling alliances and shit. Tipping the scale in the India-Pakistan conflict is seriously shortsighted. Bannon managed to keep his job and has kept a seriously low profile recently, but this move feels like part of his global war on Islam nonsense.

Antitrust: Commission fines Google €2.42 billion for abusing dominance as search engine by giving illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service. Good. Someone needs to land a significant antitrust lawsuit on Amazon now.

Lt. Gov. Nungesser pushing forward on controversial State Museum plans. Oh, fuck this. This is pure race-baiting bullshit. Nungesser making an attack on preserving the beadwork of Mardi Gras Indian costumes instead of some flags is simply spiteful, inflammatory rhetoric in the aftermath of those fucking racist monuments.

Okja is the first great Netflix movie — here’s why that matters. Terrible argument, but I’ll watch whatever new effort from the director of Snowpiercer. (I never finished Beasts of No Nation because depression got best of me. I’ll get back to it soon now that I see it’s been dismissed.)

Last night I was watching Mulholland Drive until sleep took over. It’s looking like I did see it many years ago, to to have my shit memory erase most of it in favor of some other information that probably wasn’t necessary, like MMO garbage.

afternoon 06.26.17

Last night’s Twin Peaks left me in awe. I was already a little exhausted and possible drifted into microsleep for a few seconds during the sequence with the Giant and Señorita Dido. It’s difficult to believe that Showtime let David Lynch go full avant garde. I’m not up to dissecting the symbolism, but it’s more a prophecy through surrealist parable than any particular story explaining the death of a teenage girl.

The Nine Inch Nails sequence is the only thing that did little for me. I’ve found them to be quaint for a very, very long time. Reznor is amazing with soundtracks, but I haven’t been into his band since Pretty Hate Machine. The same ex-friend who turned me onto Lynch and Twin Peaks in the first place turned me onto NIN. However, it was only months later before another friend who I owe infinitely more musically to turned me onto Lustmord, Sleep Chamber, Diamanda Galas, Einstürzende Neubauten, and others. Damien would turn up on campus with mixtapes loaded with this material, sometimes tripping on psychedelics, often not. NIN wound up seeming a little…. well… quaint.

I am still not inured to Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima after all these years. It seemed a spectacular usage to me.

morning 06.25.17

No insomnia these past days, but need more sleep. I can feel my brain rotting.

Earliest evidence for dog breeding found on remote Siberian island.  Zhokhov Island. 9,000 years ago. Sledding.

Excavation of Harlaa in Eastern Ethiopia has revealed a 12th-century mosque. It’s the Chinese coins that will be fun to see more about eventually.

Democratic fundraisers realigning to Trump for crushing Net Neutrality and promoting private prisons. Of course they are.

morning 06.24.17

It was tempting to let the site die permanently when I forgot to renew its hosting this week. However, the old backup databases went missing yet again. It had to be renewed for a month if only to rescue the database. Why did this have to come up when I was already mulling the futility of seventeen years of this bullshit anyway?

Unseen ‘planetary mass object’ signalled by warped Kuiper Belt. It would be somewhat larger than Mars, 60 AU from the sun.

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Finds Hundreds of New Exoplanets, Boosts Total to 4,034.

World’s oldest Homo sapiens fossils found in Morocco. Jebel Irhoud. 300,000 years old. Thrilling. Humans throughout Africa. There’s strong evidence of relatively modern humans in South Africa too.

Does US have right to data on overseas servers? No. (That was easy.)

I am still wrestling with my past politics, figuring out how I got here. Reading people explain their political evolution online has me second guessing myself constantly. Many are better educated than I am, having read a lot more leftist writers than I could ever hope to. It was odd turning up this post on Obama from January 1, 2008 when I was looking for something on Kucinich. It’s not wrong.

Not much music listening in the past couple of weeks as I intended.

morning 06.23.17

Mohammed bin Salman is the new Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia. Well… it looks like that war with Iran is going to happen soon.

Arab states demand Qatar closes Jazeera, cuts back ties to Iran. Huh. I thought this list of demands was delivered a week or two ago? Which fucking podcast was Derek Davison on recently talking about Qatar? This is why it’s a shitty idea for me to skip blogging because of depression- I lose track of events even faster than usual. Anyway, ten more days to… something.

FBI Director Nominee’s Client List Could Hinder Oversight of Investigations. Pft. That’s the entire point of Christopher Wray.

Trump won’t hire poor people for a top post. The truth is that Obama and Hillary feel exactly the same way.

morning 06.16.17

I haven’t even read any more than the briefest summaries of the 300,000 year old Homo sapiens skull from Morocco.

Life’s not exceptionally bad at the moment, but current events are getting under my skin worse than usual this past week.

morning 06.15.17

Rarely do I delete tweets, but I tweeted at Scalise back in February that the next Aurora shooting will be on his head after the House vote blocking of an Obama rule. Someone found that shit within minutes of the news of the shooting came out and liked it. My feelings haven’t changed, but I didn’t need my account possibly exploding while I was at work, with my boss’ boss there no less.

Self-conscious of my pseudonyms for moment. Orbis Quintus has been around for about 14 years, but the alt-right co-opting classical references makes it fit awakardly. It was a riff on Borges’ Tlön,  Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, plus the Aztec story that the Fifth World is the last world that is only preserved through human sacrifice,  with no future beyond it.1 Orbis Quintus is not going anywhere,  but other online pseudonyms I’m using probably need to be shed to avoid being mistaken for embracing ideologies I’ve always found disgusting.  

None of this matters much. I’m nearly invisible online. It’s all neurotic posturing. 

  1. The Navajo story of the badger discovering the Fifth World also had resonance because since 1990, many friends knew me primarily by the name badger. Some of those friends are now dead or disappeared. The nickname lost much power when characters in Firefly and Breaking Bad muddied it. []

morning 06.14.17

Not reading anything I intended to read. Put aside the new VanderMeer and various history books to dig into Reynolds & Press’ The Sex Revolts, acquired months back used to be thrown in stacks and forgotten. I haven’t even touched Reynolds’ Shock & Awe, which was eagerly anticipated, bought in week of its release. Sexuality and gender issues as the lens for all rock & roll still doesn’t work for me, since too often I don’t even absorb or notice many of the lyrics. Buzzes, hums, tones, rhythms… more into the shamanic angles (which is still not excluding sex) but reading this stuff is still fun. A reminder contrasting the rebel and the revolutionary is welcome.

Some half-assed sketches for the comics I drew in the mid ’90s popped up while I was cleaning out the garage, wedged in some painfully embarrassing fiction from a much earlier period. (That “fiction” needs burning.) The sketches are…. not good. However, they have some worth in remembering that I was very poorly aping some Lloyd Llewellyn/ Eightball social observations while nursing all-consuming resentments against various alternative subculture cliches.

morning 06.13.17

No crisis. I’ve just not been in a mood to post.

CERN Just Fast-Tracked Plans to Build a Particle Collider Three Times as Big as The LHC. Future Circular Collider. Seven times more powerful. It’ll be located right next to the Large Hadron Collider.

Neandertal remains dated to 60,000 year ago found at Ein Qashish in Israel.

All Worked Up & Nowhere to Go. (I’ve been procrastinating reading this one for weeks, misplacing the link.)

The DSA Has a Future Outside of the Socialist International. Discard obsolete structure. New alliances to be formed.

A hoard of links piling up that need reading and/or remembering.