some anthropology links 05.16.16

2,300 year old Heckelman site in Ohio. No burials or preparations for the dead. Early Woodland.

Evidence of human butchered mastodon in Florida 14,550 years ago. Page-Ladson site near Tallahassee. Clovis First has been dead for years. Why is this obsolete theory still being paraded around? Link to actual paper.

13,000- to 14,000-year-old ancient, extinct species of bison at the Old Vero Man Site in Vero Beach, FLBison antiquus. Hm. This might be worth keeping eye out for in case signs of butchering are identified.

In the Caucasus, a Bronze Age site hints at embalming with honey. Ananauri 3. Martkopi and Bedeni. Araxes-Kura culture. 4,300 years ago. Caucasus Mountains. Georgia. Mellification? Embalming is old hat, but i genuinely forgot about the self-sacrifice aspect.

World’s oldest axe fragment found in Australia. 45,000 to 49,000 years old. Suspect that it didn’t develop in Australia.

how vulnerable was Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

Pretty damned vulnerable. Lifting from a comment on Reddit:

This is what has been confirmed so far:

This is now further demonstrated as a complete and total act of negligence based off this linked article from Judicial Watch which shows that in 2009, Cheryl Mills met with the NSA regarding acquiring a secure Blackberry:

In meeting with the NSA person today ([Redacted] NSA’s rep to DOS) – she indicated they could address our BB so that BB could work in the sciff [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] and be secure based upon some modifications that could be done to each BB (more below).

In other words, she was aware, to at least a certain degree, of requirements for properly implementing something like Exchange ActiveSync (mobile access to the e-mail server) and simply ignored them.

How did AV Club let such a clueless piece on Neutral Milk Hotel get published?

How did the Neutral Milk Hotel legend get so out of hand?

I’m going to make a wild guess here. The writer of this piece is too young to remember the ’90s. He explored the pathetic written record preserved and has no memory of long dead message boards and personal websites that worshiped Neutral Milk Hotel. Back then, I bristled and groused at the cult of Mangum springing up. There was a fierce fandom even then, despite the sparse modest reviews that remain. There is not so much revisionism as mainstream music criticism catching up with what was word of mouth. History wasn’t being written by mainstream publications. Pitchfork wasn’t a site of record but one of several start-ups… the one that happened to survive and reinvent itself.

I don’t know shit about the creation of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. However, I know just a little about On Avery Island, which is mentioned just once in that AV Club piece. This bit from the piece is especially annoying:

There is no scandal burbling around In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, no tragedy or darkness, nothing lost or unconsummated, no imprisoned brooding genius.

Yeahhhhhh… bullshit. I never met or spoke to Mangum. I cannot presume to know his heart or mind, although I’ve tossed out some ugly stuff many years ago. (Pure spite from loss.) However, there can be no doubt that the motherfucker rended himself and spilled his guts into some intensely personal art. His songs are not just some commercial pieces churned out to earn a little coin and recognition. If the song “Three Peaches” from On Avery Island is who I continue to believe it’s about, Mangum has had his share of loss, tragedy, darkness, scandal… hell… unconsumated… Winkie needs to stop reading lousy old Rolling Stone reviews of albums they never understood. Listen to Mangum’s voice and read his lyrics.

Jonathan Cahoon? I don’t know him. He’s seen the band. I never had the chance. However, I did have bootleg tapes in the winter of 1994. I did visit the old house in Ruston, LA. I went to a show up there at an old caboose featuring bright, enthusiastic people who once played in projects with Elephant 6 members. There was definitely a mythology coalescing well before the first actual NMH album was released. It was spreading like a web early. Apparently his East Coast social network was in isolation.

Accusing Neutral Milk Hotel of a cash-in is absolute bullshit. Brandon Stosuy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. The man-child works for Condé Nast now. No one wants to hear his bitch ass giving props to Ian Mackaye. Knowing what little I do about Mangum, as nice as it would be for him to earn a few dollars on a reunion tour, that last tour was probably more about putting that era of his life away. It was a retrospective and an outreach to the generation that Mangum may have felt he owed something to. I’m sorry that a former record store clerk/ music writer and a Pitchfork employee, both of which that I’m probably at least ten years older than, don’t grasp that obvious fucking fact. They’re jealous kids pissed at the next generation. Fuck ’em and their faux indie spirit scenester nonsense. Do they not recall that much of Elephant 6 essentially dropped out to form a commune, Orange Twin? Probably not.

Jeff Mangum is no sell-out.

An aside: would In The Aeroplane Over The Sea have grow in to the stature it has had it been released in 1992? I absolutely guarantee it would have been even huger. In 1992 the still very much alive Kurt Cobain would have been all over the record like a fly on shit. It might not have acquired the cultural currency, but it would have sold quite a few records. It still mystifies me that Cobain didn’t obviously latch onto the Tall Dwarfs. Cobain championed the Raincoats, the Vaselines, the Meat Puppets, and Os Mutantes. Cobain would have fallen over himself trying to push Neutral Milk Hotel. Mangum almost certainly have been mortified by the attention and quit music instantly and permanently.

a few more Panama Papers links 04.14.16

Panama Papers: Corporations Shifted A Half-Trillion Dollars To Offshore Tax Havens In 2012. Corporate inversions are bullshit.

Reports: Authorities raid Panama Papers law firm. Again. At first I thought they were looking for criminal wrongdoing from Mossack Fonseca or its clients. No…. they are IP investigators figuring out how the leak occurred.

Swiss banker whistleblower: CIA behind Panama Papers. So they’re not going to find much of anything. After the first few hours of the first news being published, the whole thing smelled sour. Too much of the information turned out to be too convenient for certain powers. It turned out Panama is not a good place for Americans desiring to conceal finances, but that’s also… convenient. Honeypot?

The whole matter has me disappointed, although it’s shaken the world. Justice and reform is what I want. Embarrassment for figures the American government finds irritating is boring.

morning 04.12.16

The Goon movie is still on track for development. Live action comic book movies aren’t really my thing, but animated ones? Yeah. It was a surprise to realize that the co-director who signed onto this project originally, Tim Miller, directed Deadpool and he’s still into The Goon.

US Appeals Court Rules Mississippi Can Resume Google Inquiry. This is bullshit. Use of a search engine is essentially the same as visiting a library. The librarians always saw this coming.

It’s fun to read this trashing of Rolling Stone’s lousy list of the best 40 punk albums. I’m in a poor position to criticize, as I regularly blend punk and post-punk together, but that list is drek.

Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light on the Origins of the Bible. The concept reads like a Philip K Dick story. Recognizing the handwriting of individuals in ancient texts, figuring out the proportion of literate people, and creating a model of who wrote what.